The Hawkeye Initiative Changes Lives One At A Time 1


If you’re not familiar with The Hawkeye Initiative, it was created in December of 2012 to use the Marvel Comics super hero Hawkeye to illustrate how ridiculously hyper-sexualized female comics characters are by placing Clint Barton in the same exaggerated contortions. It’s quite hilarious as well as eye-opening. And gaming is another medium with overly-sexualized female characters as well all know, and while the men may be overly-muscular, they’re certainly not sexualized in the same way.

But one anonymous female member in the gaming industry played a Hawkeye Initiative-themed prank on her boss, and it’s pretty awesome. As part of the company who produce Hawken, an online mech game, she admits that the company treats its substantial female staff very well. Especially compared with the gaming industry in general. But there was a particular poster that their CEO just loved that was rankling her. It’s of a female welder who clearly has no sense of personal safety, as she’s brandishing a torch while wearing skimpy cut-off shorts and what looks to be a tank top that doesn’t even come to the bottom of her ample busom.

So this enterprising employee took it upon herself to enlist a co-worker who is a talented artist, and he came up with the male equivalent, who they named Bro-sie The Riveter. They framed it and replaced the original print with theirs and waited to see how their boss reacted. You really should click this link to read her entire story start to finish for the full effect (and to see the full artwork!), but spoiler alert — it ends awesomely.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

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