E3 ’13: Saints Row IV to Allow Same-Sex Romances 7

Saints Row 4 pixelated

At E3 I had the opportunity to play a 10 min section of Saints Row IV, which included a story based section that shows what happens when the Saints go marching into the White House and are in charge of the government, and a open world section that showcased all the super powers that you get in the game. You can check out my hands on impressions of the game by clicking here.  I also got the chance to briefly interview interview with Steve Jaros, the Creative Director of Saints Row IV.

During the interview, we talked a little about things in the Saints Row universe that mattered to gay gamers and he had this to offer:

“We introduced the idea of romance in Saints Row now, which is kind of new for us…so, inclusiveness is very important to us at Volition and Saints Row as a title in particular because when you’re a game about player choice we want to go and celebrate whatever choices people want to make. We definitely want to make sure that we gave appropriate options for people…I’m actually really excited about that.”

On top of the amazing demo I played, this little tidbit makes me even more excited about this title, and happy to see that Volition is cognizant of the issues that matter to their LGBT fans.

(Writer). Jesse Cortez is excited to be a part of the GG family! Previously a community manager at Destructoid, he now spends most of his time singing with the SF Gay Men’s Chorus. His gaming passions include Nintendo, platformers, and the fighting game genre. He’s always ready to work his magic with a fight stick.

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7 thoughts on “E3 ’13: Saints Row IV to Allow Same-Sex Romances

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    This is really great to see. I’m glad that Volition seems to be consistently pushing the envelope and very proud to be doing so.

    And to think I was already antsy for the fourth installment to come out…

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    Well, he didn’t actually say same-sex romance did he? If it really has a gay romance, I’ll have to buy it, but I’m gonna wait a few days or weeks or however long it takes for the modders to remove the mosaic and change the ken doll to a more realistic version.

    I still think the dubstep gun is a bit pointless. Dubstep has been over for a while now. (search: Britney killed Dubstep)

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    If there really is same-sex romance in SR4, then I will definitely get it. I loved SR2, one of my favorite games, but SR3 really let me down with some very dubious plot choices and awful sex trade slavery (only for women) and so much hetero male gaze (only women prostitute assassins etc).

    Being inclusive also means more diversity within a game, as well as cutting out (slow-panning and close-up T&A) camera shots that assume the player is a straight man.

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    Shin Gallon

    On the one hand, same sex relationships in the game will be cool. On the other hand, dubstep is the cancer killing music. I’ll have to think about it.

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    What I love about Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV is that they are gender-neutral. You can customize the character alot, and all voice choices, make-up, hairstyles, clothes, jewellery, etc.. are available, no matter if you chose male or female as your characters sex.