June 4

EA Shows More Pride

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Last year, EA surprised the world by participating in Pride parades in both San Francisco and Seattle (PopCap). Well, this year the company will outdo their previous efforts by expanding that support around the world.

EA announced on their blog that they will march in Pride parades in Los Angeles, Stockholm, Vancouver, Austin and Orlando. Like last year, there will be plenty of singing, dancing, sign holding and free trinkets passed out to the crowds. The company will also fly a rainbow flag at their headquarters in Redwood Shores.

EA recently defended its business after being named the “Worst Company In America” by blaming anti-gay critics. COO Peter Moore claimed:

…we’re seeing posts on conservative web sites urging people to protest our LGBT policy by voting EA the Worst Company in America…If that’s what makes us the worst company, bring it on. Because we’re not caving on that.
Looks like Moore is keeping his word.

About Frank Fuentes

(Writer) Frank is a self admitted Nintendo fanboy living in Seattle, WA. He's currently a Computer Science student with aspirations of working in the game industry one day. When he's not writing for the site, he spends his free time absorbed in all kinds of geekery: video games, comic books & technology. For more of his thoughts on LGBT representation in video games or any other geekery, follow him on Twitter or visit his site at Francizco.com.

3 Responses

  1. avatar Aaron says:

    Or maybe it’s EA just being incredibly half-cooked for the majority of it’s games and the way they ran Mass Effect 3 into an abyss of confusion and frustration(especially since the result came in not long after the mass effect ending was found). Or maybe because people are tired of them buying up half the gaming market and taking out all of the originality in the market and replacing it with the same functions again and again. Or perhaps we should look at them charging through the nose for additional content and online passes. Just a thought or two there.

    • avatar James says:

      It’s easy to blame homophobes for bombs like ME3 (and to a lesser extent, DA2) because apparently dudes kissing are icky instead of their horrid business practices. I’m sorry, EA, but joining the pride parade doesn’t make you awesome as a company. It’s makes you a sleaze-bag company that just happens to be not-bigoted.

  2. […] enough out of the festival in one day, and partly because I wanted to see the parade. The fact that EA had people marching in the parade was definitely relevant to my interests. I counted eight (nine if you count the child in the […]

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