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In 1968, Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick brought us a vision of the future, in the form of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was a work born from that vibrant age: one in which technological progress and boundless resolve would find Man on a brilliant, skyward arc toward the heavens above. The space race would become the very apex of our potential, and in so doing, our humble race – bestial in origin, yet divine in spirit – would penetrate the wall that separates us from infinity. One day, people the world over would be able to stare into the night sky, and know that someone was looking back: the astronauts, they who rose to challenges insurmountable, in order to experience that of which men could only dream.

From that vantage point, they would gaze upon the Earth not simply with childlike wonder; they would see neither race, nor gender, nor even the divide of nations – and from their descent from the great cosmic staircase, those voyagers of the stars would bring back a simple truth: that we all, regardless of the walls we build around ourselves, or the prejudices with which we erect them, are one. Except for Russians. 

Yet Man’s greatest endeavorwould find itself curtailed by his most insidious enemy: the god damn machines. To illustrate, we have “Xbox One: A Space Odyssey.” Uploaded by the kids at “Gritty Reboots,” this two-minute affair sees the One taking on the role of Hal, the legendary AI that served as a kind of omnipresent entity: watching, listening, and just to prove its superiority to its flesh-thing counterparts, showing an uncanny adeptness at reading lips. Thankfully, the One differs from Clark/Kubrick’s existential nightmare – lip-reading probably won’t be included until the One’s successor – so check out the video below!

Xbox One: Able to tell that you’re having a chuckle at its expense since 2013.

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