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Oh my God, you guys. This is actually a thing that exists in the world. The game is called Mount Your Friends, and it is available on Xbox LIVE. It’s created by Daniel Steger, who runs Stegersaurus Games, and it is insaaaaaane.

Steger has created other Xbox LIVE Indie Games, like Baby Maker Extreme and This Is Hard, but I don’t know anything about them. All I know is that I saw the trailer below and was shocked into silence. I’ve seen jiggle physics used for female characters’ coconuts, but never male character’s banana hammocks!

Mount Your Friends features both single and multiplayer modes, and even includes online play. The basic concept is that you use the four ABXY buttons to select each appendage, and while holding the button, direct it with the L thumbstick. The hands and feet will attach automatically to things, and the goal is to climb up as far as possible. You start with a goat, and climb on top. Then the next mostly naked dude comes out and climbs on top of his friend. And then another and another until you’ve created a massive tower of mostly naked dudes clingling to each other. Sometimes you have to climb as far as you can in a time limit, other times, you compete with your friends to see who can climb the highest.

The controls are extremly awkward, but then, I figure that’s kind of the point. It’s actually easier once you’re climbing. Getting the guys to lurch towards the tower of goat and men is the worst part. Also, the music is hilariously serious adding an awesome counterpoint to the ridiculous visuals. And if that wasn’t enough, if you pull a really strong climbing move, the guy will groan and grunt from the strain. Seriously. I can’t make this up.

You’ll also find the game on Steam Greenlight, so if you’d prefer to play it on your PC, go vote for it and hopefully it’ll happen. Just watch the trailer below and you’ll see what I saw. And then go into the indie games section of your Xbox 360 and buy it. For crying out loud, the thing is only 80 Microsoft Points, so it’s more than worth it. That’s right, it’s only a buck to Mount Your Friends!

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