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E3 is nothing short of a spectacle. With huge TV screens, swag given away and loud music coming from all directions, game companies do their best to grab your attention so you will stop by their booth. That sometimes includes asking women to dress up, often provocatively, to pass out swag and urge you to come to check out their booth. Gaming websites often take time to devote entire photo galleries to these “booth babes”, giving their readers a glimpse of what its like to be at E3.

Well this year GayGamer.net is taking a different approach. In addition to our interviews where we got to know the women of E3, we also wanted to bring you a photo gallery devoted to some of the hottest men of the con, in the first ever “Men of E3″ awards. Similar to both the” booth babe galleries” and “Best Game of E3″ awards at other sites, we searched the show floor to find the guys working the con that served as our eye candy throughout the week. On top of that, we chose several outstanding guys who we allowed to keep their fabulous pink awards as official “GayGamer.net Men of E3″ recipients. These guys aren’t only attractive but also very nice and supportive of our presence at E3. I’d be proud to bring any of these guys home to meet the parents. We hope you enjoy the photos and we look forward to next year!

Official Men of E3 recipients:

Max Scoville – Revision 3

Mr. Nathan Drake – Cosplayer

Mikee Bridges- Gamechurch

Aaron Webber – Sega

Spencer Hayes – Destructoid



(Writer). Jesse Cortez is excited to be a part of the GG family! Previously a community manager at Destructoid, he now spends most of his time singing with the SF Gay Men’s Chorus. His gaming passions include Nintendo, platformers, and the fighting game genre. He’s always ready to work his magic with a fight stick.

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