The Ouya Chronicles Part 2


Hello! My name is Matt Conn and I’m the creative director of GaymerConnect. This is from of a series of articles as a guest contributor GayGamer.Net on the launch of the Ouya, this one focusing on the launch title Towerfall.

On an uncharacteristically warm day in San Francisco, four boys in the prime of their life are bound to the couch, addicted to the hot new game, TowerFall for the Ouya. Packed elbow to elbow the spirit of competition, it harkened back to the days of GoldenEye 64 or Mario Party, a truly immersive 4-player multiplayer experience.

If you haven’t heard of TowerFall yet, I wouldn’t blame you. It’s an Ouya exclusive game with simplistic graphics –, this could legitimately be the best game of the year. Check out the trailer.

Designed by indie developer Matt Thorson of Matt Makes Games, TowerFall stands out as THE BEST Ouya release by far and wide, and at only $15 for the retail version, is quite the steal.

Everyone who has ever come over and played this game has instantly fallen in love. With minimalistic fast paced combat and elegant graphics TowerFall will be sure to pull in gamers from all backgrounds. Combat is light and quick to pick up with limited recoverable ammunition and agile movement. But enough big words – it’s the indie version of Super Smash Brothers. Fast. Exciting. Every match exhilarating. Balanced gameplay throughout and most importantly, always fun.

My interview with the creator of TowerFall, Matt Thorson


Matt Conn: What inspired you to go with the the old school art direction and local multiplayer only gameplay?

Matt Thorson: I have a lot of great memories playing local multiplayer games with my friends and family. I used to play Goldeneye with my dad and brother an absurd amount (always proximity mines in the stack). I wanted to make something that captures that kind of feeling.

Pixel art just feels like the best medium for the gameplay, it has to be very precise and clean. Plus I got to work with Miniboss on the graphics and they did an amazing job.



MC: How does it feel to have the most popular game on a console at its launch?

MT: Amazing :) The response has been fantastic.


MC: How much time went into refining the physics and the balance of the gameplay?

MT: A lot. Balance was a focus from the start and the player physics have been a continuous process for the whole development, right up to the end. I added a whole new move about a week before launch, the slide dash. Previously you had to run then duck to slide under 1-tile gaps, and it just didn’t feel right. So now you can duck then dodge to slide under, and it has some other uses too.


MC: As of now, do you plan on releasing TowerFall on any other platforms?

MT: There aren’t any concrete plans yet, but I’d love to release on PC.


MC: Do you have any plans to expand TowerFall even further with DLC, if so what do you hope to include?

MT: I have some really cool ideas for a single player story mode to try. There’s a lot of variants I want to add and I have some concepts for new versus towers I want to explore. So there’s a lot to prototype, but I’m not sure what will make it into the game. I want to make sure the quality of everything stays high.


No matter how good the game, and this game is truly a gem, no one game is worth an ouya, four controllers, and a game license (or is it?) :O.

In my third and final segment of my Ouya review I’ll go over the other games, apps, and positives and negatives of the Ouya and if it’s worth your $99.


– Matt Conn


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Sorry, CROWN.

Matt Conn is the founder and creative director of GaymerX and MidBoss. He is also currently working on a cyberpunk adventure game called Read Only Memories featuring queer characters in meaningful ways.

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