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Hello! My name is Matt Conn and I’m the creative director of GaymerConnect. This is from of a series of articles as a guest contributor GayGamer.Net on the launch of the Ouya, this time we look at the games, the apps, and other pros and cons of the $99 system.

So far we’ve looked at initial reactions and the “killer game”, TowerFall.

In this final installment, we look at other games for the console, things that they did really well, things that we hate, and what the future holds for Ouya.

Other Games We Like:

Deep Dungeons Of Doom

Deep Dungeons of Doom is simple. Very simple. Attack. Block. Dungeon Dive. Fun. $2.99 for the first 6 dungeons unlock ( Starts with a few free) – very fun, addicitve, and tough.


No Brakes Valet










Totally free, silly game where you park cars. So much fun with two players SO MUCH FUN. played for hours with friends. Games like this show just how fast situations as mundane as car parking can escalate into heated digital brawls over chump change tips.


Mrs. Dad Vs. Korv

Two games – free to try, $5 to unlock em both. One is SIMON GUSTAFSSONS MRS. DAD and its pacman sorta. Meh. its no Korv!!!
Is it soccer? is it egg rollies? Who knows, it KORV! Also, there’s Sim
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 KORV!!!!!!!


Honorable Mention: Shadowgun

Damn, those are some purty graphics for Ouya. Runs at a nice clip too. TOO BAD ITS A SHITTY GAME OOPS It’s Gears of War for people who missed that bandwagon. And don’t wanna pay.

Things we love:
Emulators are common and widely available. Most roms for any modern system is janky and don’t work well (PS1, N64) but the SNES and NES stuff works great. But of course, these have been widely available and work well on PCs, Macs and Android devices for a good time now, so nothing great. We tried emulating a game, Fighting Force 64, and well, the results show themselves. LAWYERS NOTE: WE OWNED ALL THESE GAMES THAT WE EMULATED.

Things we hate:

  • The controllers are $50 and feel cheap and are laggy. You can link up far superior PS3 controllers (which are cheaper). They look SUPER amazing and cute but they’re not great. They’re certainly not worth $50
  • Sideloading apps and “hacking it” is more difficult than most people are going to put time into. It was promised to be easy and a part of the system, which it is, but certainly not intuitive.

In Short…:

Its not a processing-power-house like the modern consoles, the controllers are kinda janky, interface is a bit strange, and I can count the games on my hands and feet. Even still, its got a lot of potential and versatility and for $99 it’s not a bad deal. If the system gets a few more Towerfalls under its belt it might just find its niche as the main app-based console… if Valve, Google, and Apple don’t get there first.


– Matt Conn
@Matt Conn

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Matt Conn is the founder and creative director of GaymerX and MidBoss. He is also currently working on a cyberpunk adventure game called Read Only Memories featuring queer characters in meaningful ways.

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    I’ve heard the controller as being a regular complaint about the Ouya. When does the controller feel “laggy” for you? I’m quite curious, because this hasn’t been my experience at all. As for it feeling cheap, I actually thought it felt pretty solid. The triggers feel a little odd and hollow, but are adequate, however the d-pad is really awful. Comparing it to the PS3 controller though, to my hands the PS3 controller feels more delicate, while the d-pad is precise, it feels much too wide for my thumb.