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Well this is quite the nice surprise. I don’t often partake in live television these days though after the triumphant return of Cartoon Network’s Toonami programming block I’ve seriously considered it simply for the nostalgia. This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch the newly remounted Toonami live for the first time since its reboot.

In addition to the usual fare of anime and video game reviews there was a speech from host TOM 5.0 that spoke about, of all things, equality.

This is far from the first time TOM has spoken on such issues. Back in the day he used to deliver speeches on everything from having the courage to stand up for yourself to the importance of being an individual. Those speeches always resonated with me as a young lad, navigating the tricky world of being an outcast, and I’m sure this new one is hitting home for some kid somewhere just the same.

Thanks for keeping this tradition alive Toonami!

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4 thoughts on “Toonami is Down With Equality

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    I must say this is surprisingly touching. He did leave orientation off the list, but i can’t help but wonder if that was cartoon network’s doing. Talking to kids about being gay is often a pretty prickly thing to do, but i think that what he was saying seemed aimed at them. A shame someone chose to muzzle that part of the saying.

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    Shin Gallon

    This is pretty nice. I never watched Toonami back in the day because I’m physically incapable of enjoying anime if it’s dubbed, but it’s cool that the spokes…bot is endorsing equality.

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    It would have been beneficial to include “orientation” since they included “creed” after all, otherwise we’re hoping gays will “read between the lines” and convince themselves that they were included in this message for equality. They don’t need to say “sexual orientation”, I think “orientation” would be enough, but I think it was intentionally withheld because Cartoon Network would have faced backlash from anti-gay supporters who would distort the message for equality into their tirade of: “the liberal media pushing the gay agenda down our throats”.