Will Nintendo Fill The 3DS With Seaman? 2


Over the years, you learn to take Internet rumors with a grain of salt, and with Internet rumors about videogames, you take them with an entire pound of salt! But I read something today that I’m simply going to believe to be true because it would be the most awesomest thing ever.

Siliconera has reported that Nintendo recently registered for a couple of trademarks that could mean the revival of Seaman! You remember Seaman, right? That absolutely crazy sim game where you grew a fish with a human face in a tank inside your TV via your SEGA Dreamcast? And it came with a microphone that you plugged into the controller so you could have bizarre conversations with the surly creature? Yeah, that one!

Nintendo apparently registered “Mysterious Pet: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face” and “Mysterious Partner: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face” in Japan. And I personally can’t think of any other game series that starred fishes with human faces. Can you? (Actually, if you can, please don’t tell me, because I truly want to believe this is the return of Seaman.)

Putting Seaman on either the 3DS or the Wii U would make sense because of the built in microphones on both systems. Personally, I’d prefer it on the 3DS because then I could carry it around with me. I was obsessed with Seaman on my Dreamcast. I mean, seriously obsessed. Like, borderline Animal Crossing obsessed. I had my husband (boyfriend at the time) actually feed and talk to him while I was away for fear he might die! So obviously bringing Seaman back to life would make my year, and I’m really hoping that this is one Internet rumor that turns out to be 100% true!

Caution! Trademarks Hint At Possible Seaman Revival Care Of Nintendo [Siliconera]


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