Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4


Dear Diary,

Once again, it was a very, very busy week in Narnia. Lots to do, lots to see, and new faces abound! I also achieved some major goals, one in particular that was very satisfying… until I found out I didn’t actually get anything from it! Sigh.

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Resetti popped up outside my house when I emerged, with the familiar theme music accompanying his appearance, but he quickly eased my fears, assuring me that he knew I had saved the last time. He wasn’t there to chew me out, but to let me know that the Reset Surveillance Center had been opened. It’s underground, but there’s a manhole just next to the Town Hall where I would assume you can get it. He says it’s off limits, and I haven’t yet been able to sneak in, but I hear that it is possible, so I’m not about to stop trying!


To thank me for helping him remember that he was headed for Egypt, Gulliver sent me a lovely souvenir, this snazzy sarcophagus. Even though there’s clearly a mummy inside, you can still actually store stuff in it like it’s a closet. Crazy!

In addition, I realized that now I’d had a few souvenirs from Gulliver, but nowhere to display them in my house, so I finally caved and rented one of the rooms upstairs at the museum to display my prizes. I’ll take a picture once I’ve got more than a few!


Well, we got our new resident, and his name is Walt. I’m not sure how I feel about him. He’s dressed like a gangster, and has a scar on his cheek, so he looks a bit sketchy. Plus, he came from my friend Rob’s town, so… yeah, there’s that. I guess if bodies start turning up in refrigerators, we’ll know who’s behind it!


Thanks to my friend Brett, I was able to get a bamboo shoot, and complete my fruit collection. I know bamboo isn’t actually a fruit, but it’s a tree that’s special, and it still grows the shoots that you have to dig up from nearby the cluster of trees. I’d heard you were supposed to plant it near a pond, so it’s by water, but once I get a couple of trees going good, I’m going to test that theory with the extra shoots…


Um, okay. I’m not really sure why I got this badge this week, because I barely ever go diving. Except this week when I did go diving for just a little bit. Guess I caught enough stuff to qualify me for this one. Go figure! Meanwhile, I fish like some kind of a maniac and still haven’t gotten the third level of the fishing badges. Just how many fish do you have to actually catch to earn that one? Geeze!


Once I had the Reset Surveillance Center established, I was able to follow up on Molly’s request to build a police station. You could choose between a classic one and a modern one, and the modern one just looked nicer, so I opted for that one. The classic one looked like a cheap wooden shack. Who’s going to respect any authority that hangs out in there? I mean, really. But it opened up and Copper was there to offer up his services. I’m not sure he’ll really be needed, but if Walt is truly the gangster he appears to be, I’m kind of glad that we’ve got a police presence in Geneva now… Also, a lost and found! Free stuff! Yay!


The best side effect to finishing the police station is that now I have apparently achieved perfect town status! I knew it when I was doing my morning rounds watering flowers and digging up fossils. I saw a jacob’s ladder, which always means that you’ve got a perfect town. So I went in to check with Isabelle, and sure enough, I do! Woot! The trick is staying perfect. I’ve been told that if you can stay perfect for five days in a row, you get a golden watering can that waters a ton of flowers in one go. That would be awesome. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if I can keep things going this good for a whole week!


Thanks to my new friend, Kevin, I finally got the final fossil I needed to complete the Parasaurus. On the one hand, I kind of feel like it’s cheating to accept a fossil from someone else instead of digging it up yourself, but when you’re talking about one particular fossil, who knows how long it would take to dig it up? Forever. That’s how long. For-freaking-ever. So there. I helped supply him with some rococo furniture he wanted, (he paid, naturally — I’m not a charity, here!) and he helped me out by giving me the Parasaurus torso. What a stroke of luck he had one!


Awesomely, finishing that dinosaur also meant that I had found the final fossil and completed that section of the museum! Happy dance time! Well, at least it was until I discovered that there doesn’t seem to be any kind of reward for that particular achievement. I thought maybe there’d be a gold shovel in the gift shop the next day, but nooooo. Nothing. I checked with Isabelle, but noooo. Nothing. Blathers was excited to finish the exhibit, but that doesn’t actually get me anywhere. Who cares what a narcoleptic owl thinks? Sigh.


I’ve been hunting high and low for any astro home exteriors since my Nook’s Homes had the roof and I liked the look of it. I was bored with my mermaid house after a while. The thing is, since the roof, he’s had absolutely nothing of the astro set. I’ve got tons of astro furniture inside, but nothing on the outside aside from the roof. A Twitter plea connected me with a new friend, Tymek, who invited me over because he had the astro front for the house. Thing is, I couldn’t go visit until after work, and when I got there, his Nook’s Homes was closed. Turns out he’s in a time zone six hours ahead of me, so everything was closed by then. It was one in the morning! Sigh. So instead, I had him over and he was super excited by my Domo sign.


His town is just starting out, so he’d only heard about DJ K.K. spinning at Club LOL. Which meant tooling around town visiting neighbors to kill time until 8:00 when the club opened and we could get our dance on!


I was a little weirded out to wander by the chair sculpture and see Harry just sitting on it for some reason. I mean, I know it’s a giant chair (that looks like a boot, but whatever…), but it’s a piece of art, so I’m not sure you should really be sitting on it. Then again, who gives a crap? I sat right down next to him and we watched the fish swim around in the river for a bit. (To be honest, you give me a better option, and that ugly boot is going the way of the dodo so I can put something more aesthetically pleasing in its place!)


Tymek was super-excited to see that Molly was living in my town, and since she’s a friend of his from way back, he really wanted her to move to his town. We’ll see if that ends up happening, but he made noise about Drake, too, and I was like, “Hell no! Back off!” But shockingly, the next day, Drake mentions to me that he was going to leave in a few days. I was flabbergasted! What did Tymek tell him to get him to move?! But there was no way I was letting Drake go without a fight, because he’s totally one of my favorites. Turned out I didn’t have to do much, just ask him not to go, and he caved like a sandcastle. Better luck next time, Tymek!


Gulliver washed ashore again, and I’m seriously doubting his sailing skills. I mean, seriously. This time, he was describing a place that sounded a lot like it could be Mexico, but when he said that the food is delicious but occasionally dangerous, there was nowhere else it could have been! But once again, I’ve got to wait until next week’s entry to tell you what arrives in the mail! So come back next time to find out!

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