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As you are well aware, this past weekend was the very first GaymerX. While there are no doubt tons of stories to share from this fabulous event, there was one particular story that tugged at everyone’s heartstrings and was talked about the rest of the con. By donating to the Kickstarter campaign, Chris had the prize of getting Ellen Mclain, the voice of GLaDOS to make a 30 second recording of anything he wanted. He wanted this award because he planned on using it to propose to his boyfriend of 2 years, Koen who lived all the way in Belgium.

However, since both he and Koen would be attending GaymerX, he reached out to Matt Conn of GaymerX and asked if this message could be done in person. Of course, both Matt and Ellen agreed and a plan was put in motion. You can check out the (super adorable) footage by clicking here!

We just HAD to get an interview with this newly engaged couple. Thirty minutes or so after the proposal, they sat down with us to talk about how they met, the planning of the proposal, and what comes next.

Join me in extending an online CONGRATULATIONS! It definitely WAS a triumph. Huge success!



(Writer). Jesse Cortez is excited to be a part of the GG family! Previously a community manager at Destructoid, he now spends most of his time singing with the SF Gay Men’s Chorus. His gaming passions include Nintendo, platformers, and the fighting game genre. He’s always ready to work his magic with a fight stick.

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