GLaDOS’s Surprise Singalong at GaymerX, With a BIG Surprise at the End 6

ellen porposalsong

This past weekend at the GaymerX voice over panel, Bosses of Honor Ellen McClain (GLaDOS from Portal) and her husband Johny Patrick Lowry (Sniper from Team Fortress) surprised everyone with a special ‘Still Alive’ singalong. But after wrapping up the song McClain brought up a special guest from the audience to help her share some brand new lyrics.

The surprise comes at the 5:00 mark. Get your tissues ready, because the entire ballroom was in tears.

That’s right, GLaDOS herself helped one gaymer propose to his longtime boyfriend. Chris was the winner of a GaymerX Kickstarter prize to have Ellen McClain do a special voice recording of his choice. Long thinking about proposing to his Belgian boyfriend Koen, Chris brought up the possibility of doing a live proposal at GaymerX itself, and both the staff and McClain were eager to help him pop the question Portal style. He even brought a Portal gun, a Chell uniform, and a Companion Cube engagement ring box.
And he said yes.





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