Humble Origin Bundle From EA Supports Gay Causes 4

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You know the drill: pay a little money, get a lot of games, support charity.

For all the evil they do, EA does seem to try to counterbalance it every now and then with something awesome, and their Humble Origin Bundle is one of those things. The first half is the standard get-a-bunch-of-stuff-for-pocket-change thing. $1 will net you PC copies of:

  • Dead Space
  • Dead Space 3
  • Mirror’s Edge
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
  • Crysis 2
  • Medal of Honor

Paying more than the average will also net you Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 + Starter Pack, and all but Dead Space 3, Battlefield 3, and The Sims 3 are available on Steam in addition to Origin.

The second half of the awesome are the charities that EA has chosen to receive benefits from the bundle as two of them are gay charities, which is why I’m writing an article about a sale in the first place. When you get a bundle, you can spread your donation across:

  • The Human Rights Campaign
  • Watsi
  • The San Francisco AIDS Foundation
  • The American Red Cross
  • The American Cancer Society

This is a really good deal. Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space alone are worth $5, so getting a bunch more games besides AND donating to the SF AIDS Foundation make this a deal you shouldn’t pass up.


(Writer) Christian lives in El Cerrito, CA which is close enough to San Francisco to count. When not busy being unimpressed by press releases and AAA hype, he spends his time singing, finding heavy things to pick up and put down, and occasionally going out on the town in naught but cowhide. He has worked in the industry with companies like Sega of America and Trion Worlds, and one day hopes to design a game of his very own.

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4 thoughts on “Humble Origin Bundle From EA Supports Gay Causes

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    They all seem like really good games, and there are some great charities on there. I have nothing negative to say about this at all. My only question is, where’s Dead Space 2? =P

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    I’ve noticed comments on other game sites quite a few gamers are most definetly excluding the gay charities from their contributions so seeing the other charities while extremely worthwhile are most likely getting much more cash than Human Rights or San Francisco AIDS, I put my money into both just those charities, because in australia we don’t have all the rights yet and there are other places in the world like russia for example that need alot of help in that regard, anyway all worthwhile causes and its great to see EA supporting these charities.

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    unfortunately they aren’t all on steam but some games do provide steam keys, I find nothing wrong with origin as a platform, in one or two ways (functional invisible mode) its better than steam. I just hate their price discrimination between regions.