August 29

Nintendo Also Had Some Wii U Announcements

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In addition to announcing the curious new 2DS handheld (on which I have thoughts that I will share in my next video podcast… although they’re pretty close to Sal’s), Nintendo dropped some Wii U news as well.

First off, beginning on September 20, the Deluxe version of the Wii U will drop $50 to $299.99. But if that’s not enough, you can also try to snag the limited-edition Wii U bundle featuring The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD starting the same day. (So I guess that rumor turned out to be true!) This bundle features a black Deluxe Wii U system with a Zelda-emblazoned GamePad controller and download codes for not only The Wind Waker HD but also the digital version of Hyrule Historia, a book we’ve talked about here before.

Of course, if you’ve already got yourself a Wii U, and are just interested in picking up Wind Waker HD, you can buy it digitally on September 20, or wait until October 4 for the packaged version featuring gold-foil packaging. Both will cost $49.99. Waiting two weeks for the packaged version doesn’t seem like a great idea, but GameStop is offering an exclusive Ganondorf figurine bundled with the packaged game for $54.99. So if you’re into collectibles, that might be worth the wait. (Personally, I’d just as soon not wait and download it, but I’m not actually sure how much room I’ve got left on my hard drive… even the Deluxe didn’t come with much!)


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  1. avatar jt says:

    This is too good of a deal to pass up! By including WW:HD, the Wii U costs $250!!! I need to pre-order this as fast as I can. How likely do you think Nintendo will do a bundle with Mario 3D World?? I would like a Flame Red 3DS colored Wii U or a Wii U in Midnight Purple ^_^

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