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Have you ever dreamed of throwing on a wig and high heels and slathering yourself in sequins to throw shade and vogue to a throbbing dance track, but you just don’t have the skills to make that dream a reality? Well, if James Campbell has his way, everyone will soon be able to realize their drag dreams simply by playing his new card game Drag Ball: The Game! Find out more after the jump!

Players will choose one of a dozen drag queens and develop her skills by winning challenges and throwing shade to defeat their fellow contestants to become the ultimate diva. Combining card game play with physical party game challenges (obviously including lip sync face-offs!), Drag Ball: The Game will finally let everyone embrace their inner drag queen.


“Board games have been a passion of mine since a very young age,” Campbell says. “I remembering being a kid and getting annoyed that my favorite movies just didn’t have fun board games… and that’s when I started designing my own. Drag Ball: The Game came about from — I’m just gonna say it — my friends and I loving RuPaul’s Drag Race so much that we wanted to somehow capture the spirit of the show in a game. I really think I managed to do that, while still being able to stand on its own legs and offer a legitimately fun game that was accessible to people that aren’t hardcore gamers.”

Of course, Drag Ball: The Game goes further than just aping the popular reality series. “I wanted to make sure that this game was a legitimate existence of its own,” he explains. “That’s why I went back to the roots. After watching Paris Is Burning, the famous documentary about the drag balls of the 1980s, I came to see that, at its core, our favorite show is just one big Drag Ball. Reading, shade, voguing, runway stomping… it’s all an homage to where today’s drag grew up. The show embraces that piece of herstory… my game does, too. It’s all given with love.”

Another connection to Drag Race is that the art for the cards will be done by famed artist Chad Sell. “I feel that Chad’s artwork is what really brings the entire concept alive,” Campbell declares. “When I was planning the logistics of publishing Drag Ball: The Game, I was brainstorming with my bestie Nicole that my dream concept was just like the sickening artwork that this guy did based on Drag Race. And then we just kind of had a moment where we looked at each other and I was like, ‘Why not?’ So I sent Chad an E-mail and told him all about the game and he loved the idea. I needed quite a bit of artwork, though, and I just didn’t have the out-of-pocket budget to pay for it. That’s when I decided that the Kickstarter would happen. The rough sketches are sickening!  I can’t wait to see the final product!”


Currently, Drag Ball: The Game is just over halfway funded with just over a couple weeks left to go. You can check out its Kickstarter page to see videos of the game in action, and check out the various backer rewards. Campbell hopes that you’ll see that what he’s trying to create is unique and support his vision. “I’m fairly sure that this is the first game out there representing the world of drag. More than that, excluding a handful of gay-themed Monopoly-type games, this game really is one of the very first tabletop games which caters to a predominately LGBT audience. That’s something we, as a community of gay gamers, don’t get that often, yet we deserve more of. So even if drag isn’t really your thing or you’re not much into tabletop gaming, help me bring more of an LGBT presence into the gaming world. Every little bit counts!”

It’s not a video game, but it’s a game that’s pretty gay, and can you imagine how much fun it would be to play this at PAX, PAX East or GaymerX next year?

Via: Drag Ball: The Game on Kickstarter

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