Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Moving to a new town always means a bunch of new experiences, and that’s always exciting, but in Geneva, it seems like the excitement will never stop! This was a huge week with lots of big events, so let’s not waste any more time!


My week kicked off with a bang as I saw a balloon floating overhead. To my surprise, this was a toolbox supported by three golden balloons! So I pretty much knew what was inside! That’s right — I got a golden slingshot! Now, if I could only see more balloons that I could shoot down, I’d be in business! (I’m still missing the bed for my balloon room!)


On Sunday there were fireworks, and I got this nifty little headpiece from Isabelle. And there are going to be fireworks throughout the month, every Sunday! So I hope I get a different little glowing hat every week, because that would be super fabulous. I’m working this, right?


Also, Redd was on hand, but he wasn’t nearly as sketchy as he usually is. This time he was selling very special fortune cookies. Instead of getting the Nintendo items, you could get all kinds of different stuff. They were 500 bells each, though, so I kind of only bought a few of them. I got a boxed figurine, a lovely phone, an Ultra Scope and a love tester. A friend of mine told me that some of the items, like the love tester, are electronic doodads that were made by Nintendo back in the day pre-videogames. So I guess technically some of these fortune cookies still had Nintendo items in them!


Also, when I encountered Isabelle during the day setting up for the fireworks (although honestly to me it looked like she was just standing around doing nothing…), she told me that she could accept patterns that the fireworks makers would turn into firework displays alongside the generic ones. So I offered up my custom Kylie logo design that graces our town flag. Just to make the fireworks that much more fabulous!


And this was my Domo design. Although it sort of looks like a giant Domo planet in the sky!


Tiffany again tried to leave town, and I again tried to talk her out of it. Luckily, she was easily convinced. Sorry, hooker, you’re not going anywhere.


I finally funded the remodeling of the Town Hall, and I went with the fairy tale look. It’s a bit garish, though. I’m not really crazy about it. But it was the best of the options, really. If only there were more choices! Still, I was glad to have that done. It was really expensive, so in the time it took me to fund it, a bunch of people asked for more things that I totally want to build. Although I guess at some point I’ll have to get a little more choosy about it, because Geneva’s not that big!


I hadn’t seen Bam in a while, so I swung by his place when I saw that he was home. Turns out he was a little under the weather and annoyed he couldn’t work out. So I picked up some medicine while I was in T.I.Y. and swung by to drop it off for him. I want to keep my boyfriend happy, but more than that, I want to keep him healthy!


When Gracie showed up again asking me to put together a “sweaty and sporty” ensemble I almost did a little dance of joy. A lot of the clothes I like have been sporty. But then up at the Able Sisters that day I saw that they had the wrestler mask and pants, so I just ordered up the tank and boots to complete the outfit, and when Pete did his 5:00 delivery, they were in my mailbox waiting for me. Can’t beat same-day delivery! And while she questioned my slavish devotion to the theme, I still passed with flying colors and got a Gracie dresser in the process. But even better, the fashionista giraffe is now going to open up a boutique in Geneva! Woo hoo! Now I can browse lots of overpriced items I want but can’t possibly afford! Wait… why am I excited for that again?


I ran into Gulliver washed up on shore again, and it was really obvious that the luckless waterfowl was heading for Scotland when he was washed overboard. Maybe he should stay home for a change… it could save his life!


Mom sent me a letter that said “Dear Chris, Is the late-summer heat getting to you? Try some shaved ice after dinner!” And she enclosed this wonderful shaved-ice maker! Why should I wait for after dinner? Why can’t I just have shaved ice for dinner? (But don’t tell Mom I did that!)


We had another camper, but I was kind of glad that Geneva is full up because Sterling made me nervous. I mean, I like his colorful Toucan Sam beak, but why is he wearing armor? Who needs armor? It’s just weird.


I always get excited when I see Phineas in town, because it means that I am going to get a badge. I know they don’t mean anything, but they’re like Xbox Achievements or PlayStation Trophies. No actual value, but still, it’s bragging rights! Plus, you know that you’ve reached some kind of milestone. This time, I got the StreetPass Beginner badge for StreetPassing a lot of people’s town, and also the Skilled Bug Catcher badge for… well, catching a lot of bugs. I can tell you, though, I am not skilled at catching bugs. Seriously, I suck. More than half of the time I scare it away before I can catch it. I’m cursed, I tell you!


Gulliver made it to Scotland eventually and he sent me these wonderful bagpipes as a souvenir. I hate bagpipes. And they make music if you try to play them, so I put them in the museum with all of my other souvenirs and hope no one ever tries to play them. Bagpipes are awful. It’s not music — it’s noise. Like wailing demons. *shudder*


And I ended this week with T.I.Y closing down (the garden shop, too) so they can remodel. I can only assume that they’re going to reopen with a massive department store that includes the regular stuff plus the garden shop plus Gracie’s boutique. Oooh, I hope I don’t have to wait too long for the grand reopening!

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can’t sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Frank.

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