August 23

Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

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Dear Diary,

I had some good luck and bad luck in Geneva this week. But overall, the town is shaping up nicely and I’m creating a wonderful little area for chilling out. I’m just a little concerned about the greenery situation. Oh, not flowers — there are a bajillion of those around town. No, I’ll explain after the jump as well as running down all the other happenings!


This week I received two letters from the HHA. The first read: “Congratulations! Your home-evaluation score has exceeded 90,000 points! Everyone truly admires your house… So why not show off even more in the future?” A silver trophy was enclosed. I also got a second one that said: “Congratulations! Your rather impressive home-evaluation score is now well over 100,000 points! Why not call yourself a pro interior decorator? Still, keep trying!” and it included a gold trophy. Hilariously, I got them both on the exact same day. I don’t know what I did to my house to push myself over the edge, but maybe these trophies will take me over the next threshold!


I also managed to swing by a Nintendo Zone so I could stop into the post office and pick up my present. It’s a pumpkin pie. It’s still technically summer, so I would’ve preferred peach pie, but pumpkin is still delicious. Maybe I’ll save it until the fall…


So not only do I get trophies from the HHA for my decorating, I also get a badge? Sweet!


Oh yeah, there was also a Bug-Off this weekend, and I almost skipped it like last week, but then I thought, why should I do that? Because when you beat the current high scoring bug, you get a special rare present. This time I snagged a butterfly wall! Can’t get that anywhere else! Well, legally and honestly, but you know what I mean. Plus, it’s always fun to show these rubes that they can’t show up the mayor. Don’t even try! I’m going to fill my house with awards and trophies!


We also had another fireworks show. I tried some more fortune cookies, but got the same stuff as last time. And I was really annoyed to get a heart bopper instead of the star bopper I really wanted. There’s only one show left, so I’d better get it next week! A friend of mine came over to a previous show and got a star bopper from Isabelle, and I got jealous. I even went to a friend’s town to see if I could get another one from his town, but nope. One per customer. No matter which town you’re in. Dangit!


Limberg tried to leave, so I quickly talked him out of it. It wasn’t even very hard, so I don’t think he really wanted to go anywhere. Hilariously, this was the exact same day that I dug up a time capsule and it turned out to be his! Could you imagine if he’d left? He’d never have gotten his stupid capsule back! Also, we haven’t had another camper that I could convince to move in stop by, so I’m not letting anyone else go until the town is fully stocked with residents again.


I got the weirdest letter from Mom this week: “Remember when you were a kid and you ran around saying, ‘I am an alien from the planet Zeebortron?’ What an interesting child! Love, Mom-a-tron.” What that has to do with sending me a fan, I don’t think I will ever know. Maybe some mysteries are better left unsolved?


My zen area is coming along nicely! I started with the zen garden, added the zen bell, and now I’ve built a lovely hot spring! And surrounded all of it with a smattering of bamboo. But wait, there’s still more to come! I wonder how many zen things townsfolk can request…


Oh yeah, I’m still having a bitch of a time regrowing grass. As you can see, these tulips have been planted outside of Re-Cycle for ages now, and I water them every day and try not to even walk on them, but no luck. Just as brown as it ever was. Sigh. It’s frustrating! I just don’t have a very green thumb. Heck, one of my friends already has a ton of gold roses, and I haven’t grown a single one! Everything will cross-pollinate except my red roses. Rude!


I was pleased when Redd set up his tent again finally in Geneva. Its been too long in between visits, and my museum isn’t going to stock itself! But I was even more pleased when this perfect painting that I bought turned out to be the real Mona Lisa. Phew! I’ve still got the fake hanging in my house… think anyone will notice the difference?


I also built a zen streetlight this week. It was really cheap, so it didn’t take as long to fund as the hot spring. But I really like my little zen area I’ve established. It’s pretty. A little flavor of the orient right here in dumpy old Geneva!


Of course, in the interest of keeping Geneva looking its best, I know I can’t just keep building stuff all over town. I mean, I already am skipping over some of the stranger requests like stadium lights and traffic signs, because they would look weird and out of place. But now that I’ve built up Geneva, I’m going to have to start taking things down so we don’t become overdeveloped. First to go is going to be that fugly chair sculpture. It makes a nice bench, but we’ve already got a bench, and I can install more of them if people really need a place to sit. I was annoyed at how expensive it was to rip the thing down (if I could have, I would have done it with my own bare hands for free!), but it’ll be worth it to have that space to build something else. What? You’ll just have to come back again and see!


About Chris Eades

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can't sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and our hamster, Ch'p.

5 Responses

  1. avatar Michael says:

    Because when you talk into the fan, you sound like a Zeebortron of course! lol

    You never do that as a kid?

  2. avatar Chris Eades says:

    Sure! But for me, I always thought it made me sound like the little girl’s voice from the other side in Poltergeist! :-)

    • avatar Michael says:

      My hubby would love you. XD I on the other hand stay far away from scary movies like that. (Sissy, I know. :p )

  3. avatar Cae says:

    You know, there’s a way to tell if a painting’s fake or not before you buy it, as of New Leaf. There are specific details to look for in each painting that will give away whether or not it’s real. And a few paintings don’t even have a fake version at all. See http://animalcrossing.wikia.com/wiki/Forged_Painting.

  4. avatar Chris Eades says:

    I know, I actually started cheating by looking at those because sometimes they’re really obviously fake, but other times they’re not. I thought the last Mona Lisa I bought was the real thing, but it just has a subtle difference in the hands. Swindled again! :-)

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