September 19

Try Wii Fit U For Free!

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In an unexpected special Nintendo Direct presentation this week, Nintendo finally announced a release date for Wii Fit U. And instead of burning off your holiday feasting at the end of the year, you’ll be able to start a little earlier than that by working off your Halloween candy. Wii Fit U will be released to the Nintendo eShop on November 1!

The game will be available in physical retail copies at stores beginning on December 13, but from November 1 through January 31, you’ll be able to purchase it from the Nintendo eShop for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. That’s right, just like a gym membership, Nintendo is offering up a month-long trial period for Wii Fit U to get you hooked! As long as you already have a Balance Board and a broadband internet connection, you’ll be able to download the full game to your Wii U and get started burning calories with 77 different activities, including 19 new training activities. And I can tell you from personal experience that this game can make a difference.

Your month will start counting down from the first day you begin playing, but if you want to keep using Wii Fit U after that point, all you have to do is purchase a Fit Meter for $19.99 and sync it to your game at any point. This will let you keep playing forever. And the Fit Meter goes beyond just being a pedometer by also measuring the intensity of your steps so it knows if you’re walking or running, as well as altitude. Now you can see just how many calories you burn simply by going through your daily activities! (And I’m totally going to be that dork wearing it every single day…)

And remember, this is not a limited demo, but the full Wii Fit U game. A full game that includes all kinds of fun new activities that will get you up and moving, as well as a new online community where you can create and join “gyms” to help yourself and your friends stay motivated as you all get in shape.


Of course, if you aren’t interested in the free trial period and would rather just buy a copy of Wii Fit U on disc, you can pick up any one of the bundles on December 13. If you don’t already have a Balance Board, you can get one in the bundle that includes the game, the Fit Meter and the Balance Board for $89.99. If you do already have a Balance Board, the disc plus the Fit Meter will run you $49.99. And if you’re not interested in the Fit Meter at all, you can just download the game for $29.99 from the eShop starting February 1 (remember, you’ll need to already have a Balance Board to play it!). But obviously, the cheapest option is to download Wii Fit U from November 1 during the free trial period, purchase a Fit Meter for $20 and sync it up!

Two last bits of business: While Reggie mentioned during the Nintendo Direct presentation that the file size was hefty, it turns out that it’s actually a rather reasonable 4.5 GB. So just keep that in mind if you’re tracking your available hard drive space. Also, all of your data from previous versions of Wii Fit will carry over into the new one so your progress won’t be interrupted!



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  1. avatar Rob says:

    Like you, I lost a lot of weight with the Wii Fit, 90lbs, and am looking forward to downloading the demo, and wearing that fit meter everyday. I also used “My Weight Loss Coach, and Personal Trainer: Walking DS games, but those pedometers only count the number of steps. Now I just carry the 3DS because it counts the steps without a pedometer.

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