Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4


Dear Diary,

Oh, it was quite a week in Geneva! We had a holiday, I seem to be making some progress on a project, and I kept a friend from moving out. But the big news is that I got my first monkey! And some photos! And I dressed like a leather daddy!


I saw that someone had pitched a tent in the campsite, so I was excited to see who it was, and whether or not I wanted to try and convince them to move to Geneva. Because the town is basically full, unless a camper moves in. Then you’re really full. And as soon as I saw that it was a monkey, I was all over them. Not that Shari would have been my first pick, but I don’t care. It’s a monkey. And after playing a couple guessing games with her, she eventually expressed interest in moving to our fair little hamlet! I’m such a persuasive mayor!


I was surprised to see Pete waiting outside my house one day, and with a letter from Nintendo, no less! Of course, all it said was: “Feeling sort of fancy? Well, you can host a little party with the afternoon-tea set! Go to any Nintendo Zone between 8/25 and 9/7 to receive your set! From your proper guests” Um, I’ve already got my tea set, thank you, though. I guess maybe some people needed reminding. But not me! It makes my fancy room even fancier!


I also helped Gulliver remember where he was heading again, and got this lovely set of matryoshka dolls. Only fitting because that was one of the clues he had for his ultimate destination. His letter read: “How are you? I’m fine! Thanks to you, I made it to Russia. I bet you know what gift I got you! It’s a set of matryoshka dolls that you can open and open and… From Gulliver, with love” And you know what? You can stack them inside of each other and then open them back up again. It’s fun!


I’m not sure if I’m just imagining things, but it looks like my patch of flowers that I water every single day might actually be growing some grass underneath. I know I’m not supposed to walk on it, but it’s a big patch, and otherwise the center won’t get watered properly. I feel like I have to water every single flower every single day in order to spur grass to grow. It’s so tedious. And if I tiptoe through the tulips, so to speak, it won’t do any damage. But I took this photo so I have some proof of progress. I’ll take another one later and see if it’s actually any different or if it’s all just in my head…


I keep StreetPassing people, but I never actually go up to the HHA Showcase to check out the houses on display. I know, I’m so lazy. It’s just that if you don’t keep up with it, then they accumulate and then you have to go visit like, two dozen houses! But I popped in to check out at least one of the sections, and got myself this totally awesome bubble wand from one of the people I StreetPassed. I thought it was fabulous up until I realized that you automatically stop and blow bubbles every few steps. That won’t do!


I was thrilled when after a few days, I saw the plot where Stitches used to live set up for a new resident, and then the next day, Shari moved in! Now we just have to do something about that hideous top she’s wearing…


It was Labor Day this week, and Isabelle was on hand in the center of town to hand out a gift to commemorate the holiday. I love her casual outfit. You don’t see denim overall dresses anymore, do you…


There was also a cutout display for photos, but unfortunately, none of my friends happened by for a visit, so I had to take a picture all by myself. How lame is that? At least I was smart enough to pick the person with the food!


Oh, and I decided to put my picnic basket in my back yard to display. I think these rare items get really good HHA points, so I wasn’t about to stick it in a closet or in the museum. Bad enough I feel like I’m missing out on all the bonus points from Gulliver’s souvenirs that I stick in the museum. But the picnic basket totally fits in with the back yard theme. Shame I couldn’t actually put it on the picnic table, though…


Oh, also, this week I finally managed to get the sweets front and roof for my house to complete the sweets look. Well, technically it’s not complete because I don’t have sweets paving stones… if there are such a thing. I have to check on that. It’s so irritating that you can’t order the exterior pieces you want that you’ve already had. You just have to wait and see if it shows up in Nook’s Homes. And after I got the door, mailbox and fence, it took a couple weeks it seemed, before the front and roof showed up in stock. So annoying!


I was shocked when Drake told me that he was thinking of moving. No way, Jose! Not gonna happen. At least, not yet! Not now that I’ve heard that you don’t just get pictures of your friends when they move away. It’s like in that previous town I lived in where people would give you their pictures when you became best friends. And then if they moved away and you were sad and missed them, you could look at their picture and smile. Or get sadder because it makes you miss them more. Depends on my mood!HNI_0076

One day this week, Harry decided that he wanted to visit my house, and when he showed up, I took him on a tour of every single room. And the next day, he sent me his picture in the mail as a thank you present! I was so excited! And even more awesomely, later that same exact day, when I offered Tiffany a turntable to replace the kiddie wardrobe she wanted to get rid of, she gave me her picture to say thanks! I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that I’m best girlfriends with Tiffany! (Still not sure why Bam hasn’t given me his picture, though…)


I forget who requested the zen clock, but I decided to add it to my whole zen area in my town. I like the whole atmosphere these items give to the place. You might also notice my new outfit. I’ve gone a bit crazy at Gracie’s with her overpriced clothes. I couldn’t resist the pleather vest, and decided to go for a whole leather daddy look!

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can’t sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Frank.

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4 thoughts on “Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

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    John M

    Huh, that sweets house does seem to have a weird face. I wouldn’t say angry, but a little creepy.

    A funny thing happened with my Stitches this week. He said he was moving out, to which I said “meh”, and he was all shocked and said he would try harder to be my friend. And then I could swear he started talking like Filbert, who’s one of my best friends in town. It was kind of cute, in a pathetic and eery sort of way.

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