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Last Wednesday, I celebrated my 30th birthday (yay!). And what better way to celebrate than to take the day off of my day job to go shopping, relax in the park and preview a game! Rising Star Games was in San Francisco showing off some of their upcoming games and one that I was particularly interested in checking out was Girls Fashion Shoot for the Nintendo 3DS. With the title and gameplay clearly marketed towards female gamers, it easy to see why it was might be passed up. Eric Paterson of EGM even chose this game as his “Underappreciated Pick of the Show” at E3. However, that wasn’t going to stop me from letting my inner fashionista out, and it shouldn’t stop you either. Read on to learn more about this fun and creative game!

If I had to summarize my time with the game, I’d describe it as a cornucopia of ¬†“Americas Next Top Model” challenges (note: so excited that Cycle 20 includes hot male models in the competition!). In this game, you play as an up-and-coming fashion editor and model who is trying to make a splash at Rising Star magazine, a fictional fashion publication based off the actual Japanese magazine, “Nicola“. In each mission, you are tasked with coming up with a fashion outfit that fits a specific theme such as “sporty” or “cute”. You have such a wide array of clothes to choose from that I felt like I was entering the Guess closet in the Tyra suite. I had an absolute blast making sure that the clothes I chose were well coordinated (in fact the PR team was impressed that my chosen outfit passed with flying colors on the first try – Go me!).


From there you take your style and choose from various poses and facial expressions. I made a point to choose a pose that had elongated neck, showed a little Tyra “toosh”, and the smiziest face. After your photo shoot, you are tasked with putting together your magazine spread. There are tons of options for this, with loads of stickers and backgrounds that you can choose from to really show off your magazine layout skills. When you successfully complete a mission, your layout is saved and you get money which eventually goes towards buying new clothes and poses.

I knew that I would enjoy the idea of playing a fashion game like¬†Girls Fashion Shoot, but I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it. I spent lots of time during the preview trying on different clothes and even time making sure that my layout was just right. I actually had to tear myself away from the game to continue enjoying my shopping day, which is saying a lot. If you are at all into fashion and design, I would totally suggest checking this game out when it comes out in November. Make Tyra proud.

(Writer). Jesse Cortez is excited to be a part of the GG family! Previously a community manager at Destructoid, he now spends most of his time singing with the SF Gay Men’s Chorus. His gaming passions include Nintendo, platformers, and the fighting game genre. He’s always ready to work his magic with a fight stick.

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