October 24

Mass Effect Makeout

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By now I’m sure you’ve all seen our coverage of the New York Comic-Con 2013 cosplay, Chris dedicated a whole four posts to the amazing outfits based on everything from comic books to anime to movies to, of course, games. But one reader gave us a heads up to one we missed.

Reid Picard and his boyfriend are two massive fans of Mass Effect. Ecstatic about Mass Effect 3‘s romance options for Male Shepard and Kaidan, the pair decided to bring this gaming romance to life.

1388012_10200764957750986_89790264_n 702621_10200764957710985_704444053_n

In addition to being adorable, their cosplay lives up to the original characters quite nicely. I’m sure the real Kaidan (also openly gay) would be quite pleased.



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8 Responses

  1. avatar Dennis Ray says:

    does anyone else find it highlarious that they’re behind an “exit only” sign?

  2. avatar Wootini says:


  3. avatar Shin Gallon says:

    Not being able to get it on with Garrus with my male Shepard is my biggest regret about the ME series.

  4. avatar Josh says:

    Soooo hot :-)

  5. avatar Robandres says:

    That’s Cute :)

  6. avatar SadClown says:

    Now I just need a photo of them cooking dinner together like in the Citadel DLC and the fantasy is complete!

  7. avatar Ch1nkOne says:

    omg yes! I need to find a boyfriend and then do this.

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