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As usual, New York Comic Con was full of tons of great cosplay. This year, Attack on Titan proved to be quite a favorite amongst attendees (I think because you can actually buy replicas of the uniform online, so there’s not a lot of home crafting involved), although I was more impressed with those who also strapped on their 3D maneuvering gear. And as always, there were plenty of hot muscular guys going around shirtless with cigars and claws as Wolverine. Whatever’s easiest, right? That also explains the slew of Doctors running around, too. But all that is for the rest of the galleries to be posted throughout the week. This first gallery (yes, I took so many photos that I had to split it up into four separate posts!) focuses on the game-related costumes. Standouts are the group of Ace Attorneys and friends, as well as the Oregon Trail cosplay and the Sexy Sora (who is actually a friend of mine!). But I have to give the mad props to Oliver from Ni No Kuni, who said she handmade everything in the costume, right down to the stuffed Mite!

The first gallery is after the jump, so what are you waiting for?!

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2 thoughts on “NYCC ’13 Cosplay Gallery #1

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    I know oggling cosplayers is bad, but I would have been staring at that Sora for hours.
    (I read somewhere he was there as a mascot for Geeks out, so maybe it’s ok ?)

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    Chris Eades Post author

    Yeah, he’s a friend of mine. Thursday and Friday he dressed as Sexy Sora, and Saturday and Sunday, he was Sexy Mario. He worked the Geeks OUT booth and was definitely driving traffic there! He drew a lot of attention! :-)