NYCC ’13 Cosplay Gallery #2 1


And now gallery #2 of my photos of cosplayers at New York Comic Con 2013! Now we’re shifting into the comic book realm, which I’ve split into two parts because even if Comic Con isn’t so much about comics anymore, most of my pictures were of comic book characters. Naturally, there are plenty of Wolverines, either in a costume, tank top or shirtless, and there were tons of Deadpools (none of which I seemed to photograph). But I was impressed by a Hawkman and a sexy Gambit, plus a really good Dr. Strange. But you’re definitely not going to want to miss the White Queen… er, King. Trust me! Make the jump and enjoy!

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One thought on “NYCC ’13 Cosplay Gallery #2

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    Wonder Wobear! Haha what an awesome look.

    Also, is the stud in white cosplaying as a male version of Emma Frost? It’s a great costume, and I just uh, I can’t take my eyes off it…