Atlus Wants To Lure You Away With Sale Prices 1


I know lots of you are deep into catching Pokémon and earning Gym Badges right now, but Atlus is trying to grab your attention back to dungeon crawling by putting all the DLC for the 3DS RPG Shin Megami Tensei IV on sale for 25% off! You can get the full game for $39.99, and then various DLC that adds new dungeons, new demons to recruit and new equipment for anywhere from $1.11 to $2.24 from the Nintendo eShop. Just keep in mind that this sale is only going to run until November 11, so maybe pick up the DLC now and then play it after you’ve become a Pokémon Master?

Also, you can download the controversy magnet Dragon’s Crown for PS3 for $39.99, and for the Vita for $29.99. And the Storyteller Voice Pack DLC is on sale for just $1.49. (The Dragon’s Crown theme for the PS3 is also $1.49) And those sale prices will be in effect until November 12.

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