November 27

LGBT Stereotypes Battle It Out In Ultimate Gay Fighter

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There have been queer characters in fighting games before (well, actually, the only one I can think of right now is Poison), but come January 2014, there’s going to be a whole cast of LGBT characters kicking the crap out of each other when Ultimate Gay Fighter is released! The fighter for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms features 13 characters with their own individual hilarious storylines, special moves, sayings and theme tunes. Ultimate Gay Fighter is free to download, but you can remove ads for $.99, and unlock Peer to Peer Mode for $1.99 so you can challenge your friends. You can unlock the villains for use as playable characters for $2.99 for all three or for $.99 for MAXX2.0 and Anne Paylin or $1.99 for Preach.

“I started thinking about how gays are represented in the media,” said the game’s creator, Michael Venker. “We are the sickly ones, your sassy best friends, the funny ones, the ones who sing and the ones who decorate your house, style your clothes, and do your hair. We are never the kick-ass fighters, the bad-asses who rescue you and save the day…”

The Gay Fight competition is actually the creation of the League of Oppresive Self Righteous Zealots (LOSRZ — get it?), for the express purpose of making the LGBT community destroy itself and to brainwash the winner to join their side. It’s all quite ridiculous.The trailer below introduces all the characters and features, and you’ll notice that it’s ridiculously over-the-top. Honestly, they won me over with the first demonstration of a “gaytality.” And the use of rainbows and unicorns instead of gore is kind of fabulous.

If it wasn’t a gay man creating this game, I would immediately cry foul over the obvious cartoonish stereotypes, but since it’s by us and for us, I get it. And I think it’s kind of hilarious. (Well, Shawdee Killah’s noose is slightly disturbing, but in the spirit of reclaiming negative imagery and stereotypes, I guess it fits?) In response to the negative responses from some corners of the Internet, Venker says: “The Ultimate Gay Fighter game does deliberately depict stereotypes from segments of the GLBTQ community. This was an intentional choice by us to make the characters easily identifiable and relatable, and this choice is also meant to be satirical and humorous. The premise of the game is to inflate and explore these stereotypes. There is no malicious intent on our part in presenting them.”

Watch the trailer for Ultimate Gay Fighter below and let us know how you feel about it!



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