December 24

Dear Fake Nerd Guys, Get Back In The Garage And Fix My Car

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Over the weekend the delightfully satirical tumblr Fake Nerd Guys popped up online, and with only four pages of posts (so far) it has amassed quite the following. Enough for it to pop up on my reddit feed once or twice.

Flipping the script on the ‘fake geek girl’ stereotype, the one that assumes all girls claiming nerdity (via cosplay, glasses, or what have you) are only doing it for attention, Fake Nerd Guys posts images of scantily clad male nerds with commentary suggesting they too are only in it for the attention.

But even with verifiable nerds like Parker Hurley and Zachary Levi being posted, some people aren’t quite getting it.

So to clarify the blog’s creator wrote the following:

“…I’ll also take this as an opportunity to remind everyone that this blog is purely satirical. I do not personally believe that you have to “earn” your nerd cred, nor that there are any fake gamer guys. Anyone is free to identify as a nerd regardless of who they are or what they do. However, this blog is about showcasing some of the common “proof” that “fake girl nerds” exist, such as:

  • Girls that are “too attractive” to be a nerd
  • Girls that wear nerdy clothes/nerd glasses
  • Girls that watch nerdy TV shows/movies that are mainstream.
  • Girls playing games that are casual.

Only reversing the genders so that it applies to guys.

People are quick to judge female nerds based on just tiny bits of information, it’s unintuitive do the same with male nerds – and I hope my blog shown that.”

With a great point to make, and plenty of eye candy to make it, I can only hope this blog blows up and gets in front of as many nerds as possible.

via Fake Nerd Guys




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  1. avatar Daniel says:

    Why attack them? The smarter move would be to convert them to actual nerds.

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