December 3

Get Ni No Kuni For Under $10!

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This is just a friendly reminder that Ni No Kuni is an absolutely wonderful RPG for the PlayStation 3, and if you are an owner of that particular console and love RPGs and haven’t checked it out, then now’s your chance! The PlayStation Store’s Holiday Sale is dropping the price of Ni No Kuni from $19.99 to $13.99. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, it’s only $9.79! How can you resist when it’s under ten bucks?

Ni No Kuni allowed me to live my dream of being in a Hayao Miyazaki flm. Featuring designs from the famed Studio Ghibli, this game is one of the most beautuiful I’ve ever played. The sale runs from December 3 through December 31, so you can even make it a holiday present to yourself! Maybe someone will gift you some credit to the PlayStation Store so that you can explore its wonders yourself!

There are a bunch of other games on sale this month, too, and they’re all listed here, but honestly, this is the one to care about, people!


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  1. I grabbed it at GameStop for 15, I cant wait to play it.

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