The 3DS Enters The Miiverse 2


The system update has been released for the Nintendo 3DS that adds Miiverse functionality to the handheld system, mirroring what Wii U users have been enjoying since the console’s launch. And if you’ve got both systems, you can link the same Nintendo ID and merge your Nintendo eShop balances and Wish Lists. (Now all we’ve got to do is convince Nintendo to release some eShop games as 3DS/Wii U cross-buys…)

Another feature of this update allows 3DS users to transfer their content to different systems an unlimited number of times instead of the previous limit of five transfers. Of course, you’ll only be able to transfer once every seven days, but seeing as how Nintendo keeps releasing more awesome 3DS designs, it’s nice to have the option to upgrade as many times as you want. Not sure I’d buy five 3DSes, but it’s nice not to have an arbitrary limit anymore.

The full Miiverse experience requires an online connection, but being that the 3DS is a portable system and isn’t always going to be connected, Nintendo has allowed you to make up to three Miiverse posts while offline and then queue them up to post once you are able to connect to the internet. It’s not automatic, though. You still have to open Miiverse and manually post them. Hopefully in the future updates, they’ll make it so they just automatically SpotPass their way onto the appropriate Miiverse thread. Also, while you can choose to attach a screenshot from either the top or the bottom screen just like on the Wii U (pressing the Home button pauses the game and those are the screens you’ll choose from), unfortunately, it doesn’t work with any photos you’ve already saved to your photo album. Presumably to keep people from posting inappropriate 3D pictures. But for games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where taking screenshots is part of gameplay, don’t think you’ll be able to post older photos. On the other hand, it’s nice to have the ability to snap screenshots of games where it’s not a built-in feature!

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2 thoughts on “The 3DS Enters The Miiverse

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    It’s good to know the system transfer quota has been lifted. What happens if your 3DS is stolen or unable to do a system transfer? Are all of your purchases stored on your ID now? I’m hoping Nintendo will merge the Wii U and 3DS eShops some day.

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    David Greenwood

    There is great potential here, and I love the Miiverse. My only complaint is how few communities there are. I was bummed to find that not only isn’t there a “Style Savvy: Trendsetters” community, but that I can’t start one ;_;. But Spongebob? Oh yeah, Spongebob gets one >_>.