December 20

Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

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Dear Diary,

Well, winter is in full effect, and there are snowmen (and women and boys) everywhere! Well, not everywhere, but you know what I mean. I’m trying!

I also feel like I’m finally ready for Toy Day, which is good because it’s next week! Not sure about my mom, though, who sent me a perfect orange with a letter that read: “I keep thinking I really need to get out there and do my holiday shopping. But at the same time, staying under my blanket feels really good. I’ll do it eventually. – Mom” So I think Dad might be out of luck this year!

Make the jump for all the excitement of this week in Geneva!


I made another Snowmam, which is exciting because I’m rather taken by the ice furniture series, but this one wanted five snowflakes in exchange for any furniture, whereas the other one only wanted three. So I basically ignored her until the other one melted and I had no choice but to gather five snowflakes. Which I totally did as much as I could so I could get more pieces! I got an ice dresser, chair and side table! Unfortunately, then she melted away, and I’ve yet to make another Snowmam… sigh… (Also it seems like I don’t see any snowflakes falling when it’s not actually snowing if I don’t have a Snowmam waiting for them. But I might just be imagining that.)


So this week I also finally paid off the last of my home loan and expanded my back yard/room. Which is helpful, since that’s where I’ve been putting the snow and ice furniture! Of course, now I’ve got another 598,000 bell loan to pay off, but whatever. There’s no rush. Especially seeing as how it’s the last one, and paying it off quickly won’t help me in anyway. So Nook will be waiting quite a while for his bells this time around! (And I’m sure he thought the last loan took forever!)


I had heard about the Snowmen from a friend of mine, but I finally built my own in Geneva this week. Each day that he’s around before melting away, you can spin the numbers in his eyes and then punch that number out on a bingo card that he gave you to start with. Unfortunately, I have always been horrible at bingo. I have no luck at all. So I’m pretty sure it’s going to take me forever to get bingo on this one and find out what the heck he gives me as a treat.


It was Gabi’s birthday this week, and even though it was on the bulletin board and she even sent me a letter actually reminding me about it, I still almost forgot! So I bought the tea set that was on sale in the store and wrapped it up nice. She was over the moon about it, though, exclaiming that it was just what she’d always wanted. So that’s nice. Now I guess I should stop by for tea sometime so she can put it to use.


I was also reminded this week that I am actually rather terrible at making snowmen. See, I keep wanting to make the heads smaller because I think that looks better aesthetically. But these guys really want to be made nearly equal, so it’s tricky. I have to go against my own instincts. Luckily, I just botched a handful of Snowboys over the course of a few days, so I don’t feel like I missed out. If it was a Snowman or Snowmam, I’d be annoyed. I want more bingo numbers and ice furniture. The snowman series is… well, I’ve seen it before. It’s not all that. I wonder if it’s totally random what you make or if the size of the snowballs has anything to do with whether you get a boy, mam or man? It seems random, but you never know…


So like, the very day after I gave Gabi the birthday present she’d always wanted, the fickle little bunny goes and tells me she wants to move away on the 21st! Naturally I was all, “No way in hell, rabbit.” So she changed her mind. Nobody’s going anywhere until after Toy Day. (And even then, I’m not sure I’m willing to let Gabi go…)


Speaking of Toy Day, I was so glad when Snake finally told me what he wanted so I could add it to my list! Of course, I was a little bit concerned that Chow told me he wanted something red, since before he’d told me he wanted an electrical appliance. Hopefully there’s a red electrical appliance I can give him, because if these people are changing their minds I’m going to be hella pissed. I’ve made my list — don’t make me check it twice, or you’re all naughty and get nothing!


I also realized after finally seeing a Santa shirt on sale at the Able Sisters that I hadn’t actually completed my Santa costume. I would need a pair of black boots. So I started checking Kicks every day to buy a pair of black boots and was surprised when I actually saw official Santa boots for sale. Although I guess it’s not that surprising. I mean, they wouldn’t expect you to dress up in a full Santa costume and then half-ass the footwear with black rubber boots or something!


As you can see, I only made two proper-sized Snowboys. The first letter read: “Snowbro Master Chris, I’m really happy I met you this winter! Keep this with you so even in spring and summer and fall you won’t forget me! Yours, Snowbro.” Enclosed was this snowman. Which I guess kind of goes with the ice furniture. But later in the week when I finally got my snowman-making groove back, I got this: “Snow Artist Chris, I hope next time I get made it’s by your hand again! You can count down the hours till we meet again on this snowman clock! Yours, Snowbro.” The snowman clock just looks cartoony and doesn’t fit with the ice theme. Of course, as you can see in this picture, neither does my remaining harvest furniture, but I’ve always just replaced items as I go instead of clearing it out. I figure it keeps your HRA score from plummeting. Hopefully I can get the hang of making perfect snowmen/boys/mams so I can collect everything before the winter ends!


About Chris Eades

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can't sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and our hamster, Ch'p.

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  1. avatar Monster_Hunter2882 says:

    The snowperson you get is based off of size of the body. Snowman is above ear level, Snowboy is ear level, Snowmam is above chin level but below ear level, and Snowtyke is below chin level.

  2. avatar Chris Eades says:

    I thought so! And I never made one small enough to be a snowtyke! Gotta try that! (And also get the hang of sizing the heads correctly!)

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