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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out February 11, bringing the XIII series to a close. Anyone following the site for long knows I have a less than enthusiastic opinion of Final Fantasy XIII but I must admit that Lightning Returns shows a lot of potential as a stand alone adventure. I’ve been hesitant, though, to engage in this convoluted lore again having given up on it so early into the first game.

Today Square-Enix brought everyone up to speed with this awesome 16-bit retrospective that simplifies the franchise’s plot down to its barest bones. Giant floating world in danger. Evil pope-looking guy. People cursed into crystals. Time travel. Lightning is like…a deity or something now.

Okay it’s still pretty confusing and convoluted. But at the very least this retrospective has gotten one jaded Final Fantasy-cynic on board for the new game. Which for me is saying quite a lot.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII drops February 11, 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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    The last time I tried to explain the plot to someone I substituted Angel for “Fal’cie” and Wizard for “La’cie.” As in *** MILD SPOILER *** The angels resent watching over the humans so they turn a group of human’s into wizards and trick them into starting a war. The fallout of the war causes a time travel paradox. *** END SPOILER ***