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If you weren’t able to make GaymerX this past August there’s absolutely no reason to feel like you’ve missed out on anything! The folks behind the first ever queer gaming convention have begun uploading every single panel from the inaugural event, as part of the GaymerXTalks series.

One of the first is none other than our own panel, ‘ Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going’, which you can now watch at your leisure right here:

For those keeping score, there are indeed plenty of changes and new features coming to soon and they are still very much in the works.

Don’t miss the rest of the GaymerXTalks series, featuring Pandora Boxx, Mattie Brice, Ellen McLain, and many more, over on the official GaymerX Youtube Channel. More panels are being uploaded regularly.

And if you haven’t already done so be sure to head on over to and get registered for GaymerX2, coming July 2014 in San Francisco! As always, readers of the site get a 15% discount on registration by using the code ‘gaygamer’.



(Managing Editor and Writer) Sal lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco where he splits his time between playing games, watching copious amounts of television, and occasionally going outside. He has written for GayGamer, Gamezone, Kinky, and TeamBackpack. He studied creative writing and theatre at SFSU, and when not gaming can most likely be found on stage somewhere. You can keep up with him on twitter @salmattos

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3 thoughts on “GaymerX Talks:

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    Ya know, i just realize how thankful i am to know Gaygamer for so long. I’m glad you guys are still around and i do wish you gives won’t give up the fight!

    You have done so much for the gaming community and for the gay community as well from this side of the world to the other.

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    Great panel guys! It’s fun to hear the history of a site I’ve been following for years. Brought back some memories. Happy 2014!

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    I’m sad that I live on the East Coast and wasn’t able to afford to fly across the country to attend GaymerX, but I’m happy that I was at least able to see the panel that I couldn’t be on!