Openly Gay WWE Superstar Darren Young Joins GaymerX2


WWE wrestler Darren Young made waves in 2013 by nonchalantly coming out of the closet when pressed by a reporter from TMZ. The WWE has since warmly embraced their superstar, who carries the distinction of being the first openly gay wrestler in the history of the sport.

Young also fulfills an important role in gaymer history being the first playable gay character to be introduced in a professional sports title, WWE 2K14. We even named WWE 2K14 one of our gayest games of the year.

Today it was officially announced that Darren Young will be making his way to San Francisco this July as a GaymerX2 Boss of Honor.

Via GaymerX:

“Darren Young’s involvement in GaymerX is tremendously exciting. We understand the struggle that athletes face in coming out, especially when they live in the spotlight,” quoted Toni Rocca, President of GaymerX. “For a member of an organization as widely watched as WWE to be comfortable with his identity and also to continue to be accepted in his line of work is a great example for all athletic fields out there. We would really like to celebrate that.”

“I am very excited to be a part of this year’s GaymerX conventionQuoted Fred Rosser aka WWE’s Darren Young,”Gay geeks and gamers around the world deserve to have their own community and I’m very proud to be a part of what should be an awesome experience”

GaymerX, the first ever LGBT-centric video game convention, saw massive success upon launching last August, with ticket lines wrapping all the way around the block. This year the con is getting even bigger, moving to the InterContinental hotel. The new venue will provide three floors of convention space right in the heart of downtown San Francisco, from July 11-13th.


In addition to gay gaming and pro-wrestlers, GaymerX2 will also be home to the wedding of Chris and Koen, who got engaged during last year’s con. Queer industry pros like Mattie Brice, Gordon Bellamy, and returning stars like Ellen McClain and John Patrick Lowrie, round out the guest list.

To make the convention’s second year as big as possible MidBoss (the organization behind GaymerX, formerly known as GaymerConnect) has launched a new Kickstarter campaign with their eyes set on $10,000. After less than 24 hours they’ve already reached more than half of that amount. The original GaymerX Kickstarter famously reached four times its original goal.

Check out the official GaymerX2 website, and be sure to support the new Kickstarter as well.


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