Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 3


Dear Diary,

Well, this week I lost a friend, and turned out to finally have gotten the hang of building snowpeople. Just in time to kind of not want to. Oh well! Plus, we had a holiday that I don’t understand the point of! Read on and I’ll tell you what happened this week in Geneva!


Well, Limberg’s moving day finally arrived. It’s a bit sad. I rather liked him. But he kept insisting on leaving, so who am I to stand in a mouse’s way? Although I have to say that I was really annoyed that every time I tried to take a picture while he was talking to me, he kept talking and it was impossible to get a shot of that particular bit of the conversation. All I could get was the very last thing he said, I guess because there wasn’t any way that my snapping the shutter would make him move on to the next line of his monologue. Weird. And a bit frustrating.


I finally got the snowman table, which I’m pretty sure completes my furniture set. Mostly because the next time I built a perfect Snowboy later in the week, I got another table. And that’s the one thing I’ve noticed about the snowpeople — they don’t give you duplicates until you’ve got one of everything and they’ve got no other option. Of course, I didn’t check a list or anything to make sure, I’m just assuming that I’ve got it all.


And one of the first things to decorate my new snowman table was Limberg’s photo, which he included with his good-bye letter: “To my pal Chris, The time for my journey has come! I never thought I’d be in Geneva for so long. Were you the cause of that?! Let this picture remind you of the good times. See ya! – Limberg” And yes, I was the reason you were in Geneva so long. I lost track of how many times you tried to move away before I finally let you do it!


Isabelle was out for the Groundhog Day celebration. And even though Resetti is actually a mole, I think, I guess that was the best they could do for the holiday.


I did totally love the photo op, though. I think I would make a great addition to the Reset Surveillance Center!


Well, another former resident showed up on Main Street this week, and this gives me hope that eventually I’ll be reunited with Bam… Soon… Soon…


Oh, and since Isabelle said that on Groundhog Day you’re supposed to ask a mole when the cold winter will come to an end, I tried asking my Resetti model, but he didn’t answer. I’m not about to ask the real thing because I don’t want to get yelled at for not saving properly. Although I wonder if that was the one day of the year when you can get away with it because instead of yelling at you, Resetti just gives you a weather forecast. Shoot! Now I wish I’d tried it!


I found Gulliver risking pneumonia washed up on the beach, and I thought maybe this time he wouldn’t come out of his coma because it took forever to wake him up. Luckily he finally came to and described a country that sounded a lot like Peru, even before he mentioned the alpacas. Which he claims aren’t pink and blue, but white. Not sure I believe him, but okay.


Still, he sent me this lovely tapestry with his letter that said: “Thank you very much for helping me recently! I’ve finally made it to Peru. The gift I’m sending you is a form of traditional folk art. I hope you love it. I do! From Gulliver, with love” I wonder how many more countries he’ll visit? There’s still some room left in my museum gallery space!


It’s always a bit of a surprise to go and visit someone and find out they’ve already got company. I feel like I’m interrupting! It’s so awkward!


I got the weirdest letter from my mom this week that read: “To my sweet Chris, I remember how you used to hate broccoli because of the bitter taste. Have you outgrown that yet? Maybe someday? – Mom” And if that wasn’t weird enough, she sent me a mosaic tile. Huh? What does one thing have to do with the other? My mom is so strange.


I made a Snowmam and then the next day decided to make a Snowtyke to see if he would give me another present. I haven’t made many of them. But the thing is, the rest of his family was around, and they were all well-made, so I think I might just get the same present again. I think I need to either have a member of the family missing or not perfectly-made, and then I’ll get something different. I’ll have to experiment next week… or at least as long as I’ve got snow!


Yeah, Poncho put in a good effort, but he’s not going anywhere. Sorry, Charlie. Or Poncho, as the case may be. I still haven’t replaced Limberg yet, so I’m not about to let anyone else skip town. Geneva would feel so empty! Maybe next week if someone moves in you can try again. (But even then I probably won’t let you go… I’m still trying to boot Chow!)

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can’t sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Frank.

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3 thoughts on “Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

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    I still suck at making snowboys, so far I have only made 2 properly … he’s sooo picky! At this rate I won’t finish the snowman furniture set before winter is up =/

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    Glad to see people still playing and posting weekly updates on ACNL. Love tiffany she’s a cool one. Have you thought of any villager you want to replace limberg? I love a lot of the crankies, same with jocks but I just adore the cranky type.

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    Chris Eades Post author

    Well, obviously my dream villager is Pippy, who is my all-time favorite (since Ace never appeared again after the GameCube one). I have a lot of jocks right now, but I am really hoping that I get another cranky one. I’ve only got one crank right now, and it doesn’t feel right!