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The trailer for Ultimate Gay Fighter was built to court gamer ire from its premiere onward.

The upcoming mobile 2D fighter from Handsome Woman Productions (under a publishing partnership with Bearded Man Studios) turned heads and busted keyboards with its roster of gay cliches and rough alpha appearance. GayGamer’s own Christian took a look at the roster and rated the cast from good to bad to WTF. As the months went on, the bile for this hopeful satire has only risen. We recently had a chance to send a few questions to Michael Patrick, project lead on UGF, on what drove him to raise such an overt middle finger to the status quo of the  fighting game community.

Gay Gamer: For those unfamiliar with Ultimate Gay Fighter, give us the elevator pitch.

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Michael Patrick (Handsome Woman Productions: The game is basically a throwback to fighting games of the early nineties/ late eighties, but with a campy spin. “In 2007 the first annual Gay Fight competition was held to find America’s most ruthless LGBT fighter. The victor was muscle-queen porn star Josh Maxxx, however, three days after his title was won, he vanished. Now, ten new fighters are competing to win the title of Gay Fight champion. Little do the fighters know, there is something very ominous about the competition. The League of Oppressive Self-Righteous Zealots (or LOSRZ) have created the tournament for two reasons: make the LGBT community destroy itself, and brainwash the winner to carry out the League’s nefarious plans.”

Gay Gamer: Why a fighter, as opposed to a gay-themed racing or action role-playing game?

Patrick: Because I [have always] love fighting games. I found them so fun and entertaining growing up. My friends and I have talked about…how we were always Chung Li [sic] and how funny it would be if you…took a pride parade and turned it into a fighting game.

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Gay Gamer : In the same vein, why aim for the mobile market? Is there a possibility of branching out to other platforms?

Patrick: I would love to graduate to other platforms and improve the graphics and introduce new characters, and make it more campy and outrageous than our simple mobile app. I would say wait and see what happens.

Gay Gamer: Your roster adheres very strongly to gay cliché. How deeply will these characters be explored beyond their stereotypical tropes?

Patrick: Every character has a background story and if you defeat the game, it will reveal where the character will go after their victory. Fighting games tend to have [one-dimensional] representations of their characters, so my game is really a satire of those games I grew up with and loved. Sappho Ethridge is avenging her lover’s death from the first Gay Fight, Timmy Spears is a vigilante who tackles homophobic bullies and Shawdee Killah is a mogul, so they all have a history and a tale to tell.

Gay Gamer: What has the reaction to the game been so far? Any push back from the fighting game community?

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Patrick: [We’ve gotten] harassment…in the form of YouTube comments, but from two very different sides. Some [have] said “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to gays”, or “I am so angry, these are all stereotypes, so insulting”. And the other side is “You evil fags”, which by far are my favorite. But I applaud my game because both homophobes and extremely sensitive liberals agree that my game is crap and offensive. Ultimate Gay Fighter is truly bringing people together!

It’s all good to me though. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I come from a South Park line of comedy. It’s strange that when I see videos of Big Gay Al and Mr.Slave on YouTube people think these stereotypes are so funny, but for some reason my game is beyond offensive. A gay video game is a new concept. I get it. One day people will reflect on my game and wonder “what was the cause for all the controversy?”

Gay Gamer: Speaking of a “South Park line of comedy,” a lot of Stone and Parker’s stereotypes work by playing off of more neutral, “straight man” characters. Any middle ground in UGF for these stereotypes to bounce off of?
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Patrick: No, hopefully the player will fulfill that role. Fighting games, in my experience with them, are more about how the character moves and fights, versus what their hopes and dreams are. I mean how many people can tell you all the great character traits of Chung Li[sic]? To me, fighting games of my generation were outrageous and campy in their own way. I just adopted that concept, but wanted mine to be like a pride parade gone rogue.

Gay Gamer: When can players expect to download Ultimate Gay Fighter?

Patrick: They will be able to download it in the late spring to early summer.



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    Grumble grumble… fine i guess i can’t let my offended side feel a little more ease so i can try this game.

    And don’t let anyone say i don’t have a sense of humor!