March 20

Party With Us At PAX East!

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With PAX East coming up in April (the 11th through the 13th, to be exact), it’s time once again for the Annual GayGamer.net PAX East Meet-up! Come have a few drinks and hang out with me and the rest of the gaymers attending the East Coast PAX convention!

Unfortunately, the awesomely low-key bar where we’ve always gathered our gays, Fritz, has closed for remodeling, forcing us to find another venue to descend upon. Luckily, there’s a spot right around the corner in the same neighborhood called Club Café. And it’s got a dance floor, so we can get our groove on!

So join us on Saturday, April 12, starting around 9:00 at Club Café, located at 209 Columbus Ave. (We’ll be there all night long, but after 11:00 they start charging a cover.) Hope to see you there!


About Chris Eades

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can't sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and our hamster, Ch'p.

3 Responses

  1. avatar Tyler says:

    I’m 20, can I still attend? Thanks.

  2. avatar Chris Eades says:

    Unfortunately, Club Cafe is 21 and over. :-(

    (Although I don’t know how stringent they are with ID-ing because I don’t live in Boston and have only been there once years ago… Still, maybe best to wait until next year? Sorry!)

  3. avatar Ahmet says:


    It says there’s a fundraiser there tonight. Is the meetup still happeningv

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