Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 1


Dear Diary,

Settle in, because this is going to be a long one! in addition to the regular nonsense, I took a visit to a foreign country (sort of!) and we had a big event this week: The super gay Festivale! We’ve got a lot to cover, so read on and enjoy the madness!


Now that spring has sprung, I noticed that the tree in the Plaza had sprung back to life as well. I suppose it probably looked like this last week but I was too busy looking at the grass to notice. Oh well. It’s nice to see it again, because it looked really depressing without the leaves.


I visited my friend Ben’s town of Tivoli this week and he’d given it a bit of a makeover. Everything had gone French! It was like visiting a foreign country! I couldn’t read any of the signs. Luckily, all the townspeople talked to me in English so I could understand. Although when Ben visited Geneva, my townspeople all spoke French and had very swanky European names! Look at them, putting on airs for the out-of-town visitor…. I mean, really…


Oh, another thing I noticed in his town is that the weird alley between the photo booth and the Dream Suite had Katrina’s fortune telling shop in it! Mine just has a garbage can and some nasty looking walls. I never had much use for Katrina’s fortunes, but I guess if you visit her enough times, she opens up a permanent shop instead of just popping in periodically. So I guess I should start visiting her as soon as possible. Not that I care that she opens up a permanent storefront, but it’ll look a whole hell of a lot better than the garbage can that’s there now!


I have to admit that when Chow flagged me down and told me he was going to be moving away, I was absolutely thrilled. I’d decided to try killing him with kindness since ignoring him wasn’t working, and I guess that did the trick. Unfortunately, he could totally tell how excited I was and decided to stay out of spite. He said it was so we could be best friends forever, but I know what he’s doing. I’ve got his number…

HNI_0047This week brought the highly-anticipated (at least by me) Festivale. It’s pretty much the gayest thing to happen all year, so I consider it Animal Crossing Gay Pride. I mean, look at my Festivale outfit. I’m not sure you could put together a gayer ensemble if you tried!


Also on Festivale, I got myself a badge. Yeah, I’ve saved up a lot of money. But that’s not important right now. We’ve got feathers to hunt!


Yes, Pavé himself was in fine form, dancing his ass off all day and all night. This time, instead of candy, he wanted feathers. Which were conveniently falling from the sky along with the confetti. Although not in quite as many numbers. And also not the right colors, either. He wanted red, and damned if I could find a single solitary red feather anywhere in town. I did manage a few rainbow feathers which netted me a piece of the Pavé furniture set… as well as a ridiculous dance from the peacock himself!


And of course, just like with the candy in the past, Pavé wasn’t satisfied with one feather. No, it had to be three. Which with some colors — like red — could take forever! At least when you turned them in you got a piece of furniture. Although I noticed that unlike the snowpeople, Pavé didn’t make sure to give you one of each item before handing over doubles. No, I had doubles and triples almost from the start. Doesn’t he know how this is supposed to go? Jerk.


I mean, look at all the feathers I amassed! And this is early on! I sorted them into colors. So eventually he would hit a color I had and I could just walk over and snatch up three of them and get a piece of furniture. This would happen a few times, and then he would pick a color I didn’t have three of, and off I’d go, wandering through town looking for falling feathers. A friend of mine told me that you could trade villagers for different colors, but nobody I talked to ever mentioned playing games or trading, so I don’t know about that. Maybe my neighbors are just jerks.


Later that night, after I’d pretty much given up on collecting anything more (I was hallucinating pieces of confetti as feathers and trying to catch them in my net, plus the music was driving me insane), I popped over to my friend Cory’s town because he needed yellow feathers, and I had two that I wasn’t going to be doing anything with. I gave him my extra feathers and took a piece of furniture he had extras of that I didn’t already have, and then we boogied down! Viva Festivale!


I don’t know why I was so obsessed with collecting the Pavé series, because it’s actually pretty lame. I mean, look at it. I didn’t want to just sell it for the bells — although I’m sure it would be worth quite a bit — so I opened up another gallery space at the museum to put it all out. It’s rare, so you can’t order it, and I simply don’t have enough room in my storage space. Also on this day after Festivale, I sold back all the extra feathers I’d left lying around the Town Plaza, and set all my doubles and triples of furniture pieces by my train station. If I can’t find any takers for my extras in a couple of weeks, I’ll sell it off and pocket the profits.


Not that I need the money, because I reached a milestone that earned me this adorable piggy bank and a letter that read: “Dear Chris, To commemorate you saving $1,000,000 Bells, please do accept this piggy bank with our deepest congratulations. We hope you enjoy it! Geneva Post Office” So I guess technically I could’ve bought the gorgeous furniture series, even though it was wicked expensive. Although the princess series Gracie is selling now is pretty sweet, too…


Shari tried to move away again, but as always, I wouldn’t let my only monkey leave town. Not gonna happen. At least not if I have anything to say about it. Because if I said “good luck” or whatever, I bet she’d just say thanks and leave. She’s not going to stick around just to screw with me like that stupid Chow… grrr…


Redd set up shop at the end of the week, and everything else he had on offer looked pretty shady. This looked about right, but who knows. I’ll just have to let Blathers be the final say on whether or not I wasted my bells.


At least I got to close out the week with a lovely meteor shower. Just the relaxing moment of zen I needed after all that chaos. Thank God Festivale is only once a year!

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can’t sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Frank.

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One thought on “Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

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    OMG, Chow’s angry face, wow! He totally showed his true colors there, and they’re all evil!

    I did the same thing that you did with organizing the feathers. Eventually I gave up on getting the entire series though, since he kept giving me doubles and triples. He was so obsessed with dancing, he forgot to keep track of inventory! So, if you have any extra Pavé chairs, clocks, or bookcases, I’d like to buy them off of you to complete my set.

    I’ll admit to liking the extra effort Pavé put into his dance if you gave him a rainbow feather, at least he knew how to work it.

    Your tree looks great! Mine had only three green parts on it, and wasn’t back to its full self yet, but maybe I should look at it again tomorrow, I really want the lush green centerpiece back.

    Oh, I finally got a 10th villager to move in. It had stayed at 9 for ages, and I tried to convince campers to move in, but none of them were having it, even though Tivoli was rated as one of the best places to live. But, last week a hamster finally took the slot, and it made me happy, because one of the campers was the adorable Hamlet, but he didn’t want to stay. So, I got Graham instead, and I can live with that. And…his name is Graham in English and French, which is nice.