GaymerX2 to be the Queer Gaming Con’s Last 1


GaymerX made history when it became the first ever queer-centric video game convention of its kind. The con’s founder Matt Conn made headline after headline as he spearheaded an endeavor to bring his dream to life: a safe space where queer and allied geeks could gather together to play the games that they love. GamerX famously made four times its Kickstarter goal in 2012 before welcoming thousands of gay geeks from all over to the halls of San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki last August.

GaymerX2 or GX2, will take place this upcoming July in San Francisco’s Intercontinental Hotel, a significant upgrade in size. It is expected to be even crazier than last year’s event, and will see special guests like WWE’s Darren Young alongside BioWare’s David Gaider, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, indie game writer/developer Mattie Brice, and many more.

It will also be the con’s last…for now.

In a series of Tweets the team behind GaymerX revealed that this year would mark the end of GaymerX as it currently exists:

While this may be the con’s last year Midboss, the team presenting GaymerX, still has lots of queer fun to offer the gaming world. Their original game Read Only Memories, a queer-friendly cyberpunk adventure, is still in development and will be making its next appearance at GX2. Gaming in Color, the first ever documentary on queer gamers will make its much anticipated premiere on April 22nd.

GaymerX2 itself will take place July 11-13th, 2014 in San Francisco at the InterContinental. You can buy your tickets online by visiting the con’s official website. If you’re interested in submitting a panel, you still can so long as you do so before the April 30th deadline.

After that? Only time will tell, but knowing the organizers of the con personally I’d wager that this won’t be the last we hear of them.

Not by a long shot.

(Managing Editor and Writer) Sal lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco where he splits his time between playing games, watching copious amounts of television, and occasionally going outside. He has written for GayGamer, Gamezone, Kinky, and TeamBackpack. He studied creative writing and theatre at SFSU, and when not gaming can most likely be found on stage somewhere. You can keep up with him on twitter @salmattos

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One thought on “GaymerX2 to be the Queer Gaming Con’s Last

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    Welp, gonna sound cynical but even though all of this is in good heart and this year’s convention will be better then the last one… “They” won.

    “They” told us that since we complain so much about harassment, mockery or representation we should do our own conventions. “They” told us if we can’t get sponsors, we need to get donations. “They” told us if we can’t get enough support, we need to get Guest speakers. And after two years of doing just pretty much all that, “They” didn’t change and “They” were claim to be right all along.

    For two years, GaymerX and it’s awareness was a little Mecca for me. I could be comfortable with who i am and show off my gaming hobby! A lot of people don’t understand that or think they can relate somewhat but see, outside of conventions, i hide my nerdiness so people don’t judge me at work or at the local gay bar. If someone does challenge my identity, i get support from my friends and protection by the law. In nerd circles, it’s the other way around. I can show off my knowledge of 90’s games and learn more about the lores of some of my favorite games while meeting new people! All that with approval nods and smiles! But then, i never show off my love for some male character, or openly say i ship male shep and Garrus together or admit that if i had the right body, i’d cosplay as a league of legend girl or as a Diablo 3 woman. I don’t do that because every-time i do bring it up, i am met with hostility, laughter and plain right unsympathetic back handed remarks (“We got furries here too so i am not surprise to see gays here i guess” to my face before i walk away in anger). So i learned to be hidden. I become a ninja, hidding away from my deep secret interest and like a james bond spy, laugh at homophobic jokes and give a smile when people say “I am not like those other fags”.
    Why do i choose to become invisible in gaming communities? Cause then when i do open it up, when i do fight back on conventions floors, on forums, in the comment sections, on social media to say “I got every right to have the same respect as everyone else!”, they group up together against me and say i am bringing politics where it’s not needed. That i am pointing out imaginary problems, i got weird tastes and that i should expect to be laughed at by fat douchebags for being so open about my sexuality. Apparently, no one is at fault here because I don’t know any better… That i need to shut up and enjoy what i got. And when i asked them what i should do to change that, “They” all said the same thing: “Do it yourself or suck it up”.

    GaymerX was the only place i could be who i am without repercussion from “They”, it was what i wanted every nerd convention be all about, full of people that understand what i am going through, who respected me, who don’t laugh at me. It was really a place that proved every argument i was hearing about me to be wrong. It was a place i thought “They” could learn. But to this day, “They” still ask why this convention is needed and why i am trying to defend myself when “they” don’t see a problem. For them, the LGBT community is just a niche community in the nerd fandom, but not their equals.

    We will have another GaymerX in the future, but for now, i have to accept that “They” won. I got enough problems in real life and because i don’t want to see it happened in my gaming circle, i understand the need for me to shut up. And that is why i am feeling crushed of this news right now. :(