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As an invitee to Nintendo’s early review program for Disney Magical World, I’ve been spending plenty of time with the upcoming 3DS game. I’m working on a full review to post in time for its April 11 release, but I wanted to alert you to the fact that this game often described as “Animal Crossing meets Disney” is actually a little more gay-friendly than AC!

A major aspect of the game is collecting ingredients to build furniture or manufacture clothing, and you can design your room and dress yourself however you see fit. As a male character, when I made a Minnie Mouse dress, bow and pumps in Daisy’s boutique, she didn’t even blink an eye. And when I donned said ensemble, she only complimented me on my new look. So Daisy isn’t nearly as judgmental as the Able Sisters, who will happily sell you clothing meant for the opposite gender, but toss in a comment pointing that out beforehand.


Also, by collecting compliments on your outfits, you can exchange those points for sparkles. Yes, sparkles. There are even quite a few variations to choose from, and you will literally sparkle constantly as you explore the game world! It’s the weirdest thing I think I’ve ever seen in a game of this type. Apparently you can get some kind of bonus if you’re sparkling while taking a photo with a Disney character, but I haven’t noticed anything yet.

Add to this the fact that they’re releasing a bright pink 2DS in conjunction with the game, and Disney Magical World is shaping up to be a fun, sparkly, cross-dressing adventure for the whole family! What other game lets you dress up as a sparkly version of your favorite Disney princess? They’re also releasing the Disney-branded 3DS XL in the US, but unfortunately, neither system comes with a copy of the game. Boo!

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