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Proudmoore is the unofficial LGBT-friendly server in World of Warcraft. Some openly gay players chose the server as their home and began to form gay guilds. The first guild to tout being “LGBT friendly” was asked to stop promoting this message by Game Masters, because it was against the terms and conditions. GMs stated that,

“Topics related to sensitive real-world subjects—such as religious, sexual or political preference, for example—have had a tendency to result in communication between players that often breaks down into harassment.”

This quickly escalated to a legal battle, and Blizzard has since changed their stance on recruiting. Now LGBT players have their own unofficial server where they explore the world Azeroth in peace.  It’s been about eight years since the controversy took place. I wanted to check in on Proudmoore to see how things were going, and so I made a fresh new character on the server to trade chat with some LGBT guild members.


(Artist drawing of the leaders of Dawn of the Dream)

One of the first people I talked with was Pride, the guild leader of Dawn of the Dream. Pride told me about how the reset of the server reacts to LGBT guilds on Proudmoore:

“The server is very accepting overall. I’ve never seen more guilds labeled as “LGBT friendly” than I have on Proudmoore. During my time, I’ve played on many different servers and promoting a guild as “LGBT friendly” is unheard outside of Proudmoore. Now, this may have something to do with the fact that Proudmoore is considered the official “LGBT server” – but regardless, the feeling of acceptance is nice to say the least.”

It seems like overall the other people on the server who do not identity as LGBT are okay with guilds promoting themselves as such. My first thought is that marginalized groups, like geek/nerd culture, are going to be more accepting of other marginalized groups because they have something in common. They in many ways can recognize similar struggles of acceptance in our very hegemonic culture.

One issue that was brought up by Keith, a member of the guild Stonewall Senior Guard, was the new feature Blizzard has implemented called Cross Realm Zones or Instances. This gives players the ability to get matched up with or see other people from different realms. So there is the possibility for out players to encounter people from realms that may not be as LGBT friendly as Proudmoore.

The guild Stonewall Senior Guard also brought up one problem with recruiting. They are sometimes asked “why do you need a gay guild?”

The answer is really simple. LGBT friendly guilds provide a space where people of the community do not have to worry about being who they are. They do not have to censor or be worried that they will not be accepted.


(Stonewall Senior guard)

Turns out that it was the controversy surrounding the recruitment of LGBT friendly guilds that inspired many people to come play on Proudmoore. A number of the members from Stonewall Senior Guard mentioned that they had no clue there were any gay guilds in WoW until the issue was brought out into the public. The controversy that almost silenced gay players is what ultimately paved the way for Proudmoore to bloom.

The final aspect of the LGBT World of Warcraft community I wanted to explore was the intersection of queer and geek cultures. I asked Stonewall Senior Guards if they felt that there is an anti-geek stigma in the queer community?  A player named Jozacar responded by saying that we still have superficiality within the LGBT community. The stereotype of a nerd is almost the opposite of the stereotype of the gay male that is so often depicted in mainstream media. So it is not surprising that Jozacar said, “I’m not in the closet about my gaming, but I don’t throw it out to all people. We still have shallowness in the queer community.”

World of Warcraft has really come a long way since the GM’s original comments. Proudmoore has since become the safe haven for the queer nerds to take on bosses like Garrosh Hellscream, battle their opponents in the arena, or even hold a Pride Parade, without the fear of being harassed.


(Proudmoore Pride Parade 2012)

(Writer) Jesse’s video game passion is in FPS console games and MMORPG PC games. Competitive player vs player content is where he spends most of his gaming hours. He currently is studying Sociology at CSUS with an emphasis in sexuality and gender. He plans on attending graduate school in the next year.

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7 thoughts on “Proudmoore: The Gay WoW Server

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    i don’t play on proudmoore, but i run across people from proudmoore frequently in LFR, and i have to say — it makes me proud that they are almost always the most prepared, polite, and fiercely out people. i never worry when a run contains proudmoore people. there may be other people who are haters in the group, or people who try to just troll the run for the fun of it, but it never lasts long because proudmoore people won’t stand for it. they shut up the phobes, kick the people who are trolls, and then we get down to business and everyone has a great run. so, /salute to proudmoore people!

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    Hey! Proudmoore is my server, and the guild I’m in, The Stonewall Family, along with our (much larger) sister guild, Taint, put on the Proudmoore Pride Parade every year. We all get to let our geek flags fly along with not having to worry about dickish behavior stemming from homophobia or the like.

    The server truly has a fantastic community. We have our fair share of trolls, but they tend to get frozen out or yelled down. Everything from hardcore raiding guilds to casual leveling guilds that bill themselves as LGBT friendly. If you play WoW and want a safe space, I highly recommend Proudmoore.

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    Stonewall SG

    Stonewall Senior Guard is not LGBTQ friendly. No active GM, officers are lazy and never wanted to be officers. They seem to come up with a lot of excuses and create drama. The one “in charge” is a bigot and homophobic. Beware.

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    Bad Experience

    I had a bad experience in Stonewall Senior Guard also. The Male dominated guild would only talk to each other. Any females were alienated and ignored. Obviously they are not Lesbian friendly. A friend was a founding female member who felt the need to leave. Sad what SSG has become.