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Showdown Game Nights

You guys, OMG, you guys, have you heard about Folsom Street Foundry? It’s this large warehouse-like event space at Folsom and 10th St. in San Francisco, and they’ve started this weekly event called SHOWDOWN: Tuesday Game Night and it is awesome! I first heard about it when it popped up randomly in my Facebook feed and figured I’d give it a go. It was right around the corner from work and started more or less as soon as I got off at 6, so I figured what the heck. As luck would have it, our very own Sal just so happened to have the same idea and I just so happened to run into him. We observed the goings-on around us and determined that, lo, it was good. Lemme tell you about it…

The first thing you’ll see upon walking in after being carded (sorry younguns, for now it’s a 21+ event) is a small bar, a few tables for board games, and a pair of retro game stations set up. A promising start for sure because you know that anyone who is willing to set up arcade sticks and project classics like Rampage, Puzzle Fighter, classic Bomberman, and the original Mario Kart onto a big screen knows both their games and their audience.


Main Floor of the Foundry

Segue into the main room and the giant space features a much larger bar to the left, complete with a kitchen in the back for food to put in your face. It was closed for repairs this last Tuesday, but fortunately there are several restaurants within a block to go to if necessary. In the middle 3 beer pong tables set up for casual and tournament play, plus regular tables for card and board gaming. To the right, couches and projection screens with all manner of games and consoles hooked up to them: laptops, emulators, PS3s, N64s, and even an OUYA or two, projecting titles like Street Fighter 4, DOTA, Hearthstone, Mario Kart, Pokemon Stadium, and Smash Bros. Speaking of Smash Brothers, there’s a weekly tournament held in the very back at a bank of a dozen or so televisions running hacked versions of the game. Finally, if you didn’t feel like being in the crowd below, a mezzanine was available for people wanting to lounge above it all and destroy friendships over a game of Munchkin in peace.


Above it all in the mezzanine

The crowd was largely straight folk, but I ran into no shortage of gaymers while I was there. The crowd was lively without being wild, and you could just feel the positive vibes of everyone having a great time. For my part, I’m going to try to make it at least once or twice a month. I’d love to get a regular GayGamer Fireside Gathering going, and if you get a 3DS Street Pass from DigitalLit, you’ll know I was there. See y’all at The Foundry!

(Writer) Christian lives in El Cerrito, CA which is close enough to San Francisco to count. When not busy being unimpressed by press releases and AAA hype, he spends his time singing, finding heavy things to pick up and put down, and occasionally going out on the town in naught but cowhide. He has worked in the industry with companies like Sega of America and Trion Worlds, and one day hopes to design a game of his very own.

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