So, Mario’s Hawking For Benz And Making Gains 1

Mario Mercedes

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s looking for new ways to make money and turn things around for the Wii U.  But by the looks of a new Japanese Mercedes ad, as the big N’s revenue stream has been shrinking, Mario’s been getting swole.

One of the tactics Nintendo of Japan has announced for getting more Nintendo-branded product out there is to partner up with other industry leaders to co-develop Nintendo IP.  While this has already spawned games such as Luigi’s Mansion:  Dark Moon, the fun-but-regrettably-scripted Metroid: Other M, and the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, I kind of expected all these collaborations to be…video games?

But, as it’s prone to do, Nintendo has taken a hard right turn where no one expected and is letting Mercedes use their central mascot to hawk the GLA model in Japan.  And Mercedes has given us the closest thing to a Nintendo-licenced gritty Mario Bros. reboot that the world will ever see.  Check out the guy in the video after the jump.  Not only do those blue overalls and red shirt look like they had a once-over from whoever designed the Batman uniforms from the Nolan films, but that dude looks completely jacked.

I guess hawking fine cars buys a lot of protein shakes?

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