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Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have brought the Dynasty Warriors style combat to the world of Zelda in the upcoming Wii U title Hyrule Warriors. The developers already won me over with the game’s E3 demo by remaining faithful to Nintendo’s source material while putting their own spin on the franchise. Most importantly, I was gagging over them letting me play as Zelda.

With the equally gag worthy additions of Impa and Midna, two new playable female characters have been revealed.

The first is Lana, an original character created specifically for this game, who uses a magical spell book that can create barriers and cast elemental spells.


With Midna being announced earlier as a playable character that opened the floodgate for many characters from the Twilight Princess universe. Agitha, the self-titled “Princess of The Bugs,” is the next Twilight addition to the game’s growing cast of characters. From what we can tell, she’ll be fighting with the help of various bugs from Twilight Princess. Butterfly attacks? I’m in.


So far this makes Link the only announced playable character that is male. A big cast of characters is promised for this game, and there will no doubt be some men but how nice that Nintendo is focusing on showcasing the ladies first. It’s nice to see that Nintendo doesn’t think it’s too much work to create playable female characters. Yes, that was in fact a little bit of shade on my part towards a certain other company.

Hyrule Warriors is shaping up to be the Dynasty Warriors game that I didn’t even realize I wanted and my body is the most ready for it.


So how about you guys and gals out there? Who else would you like to see get included in Hyrule Warriors? The possibilities are endless!

Be on the look out for more updates on Hyrule Warriors, launching this August in Japan and September in Europe, North America, and Australia.

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8 thoughts on “All The Hyrule Ladies, Put Your Hands Up!

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    I am no huge Zelda fan, but that’s largely because I’m turned off by the hours of wandering around not knowing what to do next. This sounds like a tighter, more action-oriented game. I think I’m interested.

    Also, I haven’t been closely following this game, but is that Midna summoning the freaking *moon* for an attack? Because that is awesome.

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    Kind of confused… are you not happy there are female characters? Where I’m from “gagging” is not a positive thing? It’s like choking or almost vomitting so that opening is very ????? to me.

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    If they find a way to incorporate at least of the weird (undead?) characters from “Link’s Awakening” I’m sold. That is still my favorite Zelda narrative. (Marin Seagull Attack?)

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    DJ Kirkland Post author

    I should have probably used a different word. In this instance, gagging is a good thing. It’s like being so excited you can’t even breathe. Sorry for the confusion!

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    So excited for the new female characters. Other playable characters I’d like to see would be a representative from the different tribes: Gorons, Zoras, and Ritos. Including Tingle would be fun. An unlockable Ganon would be cool too.