E3 2014: Surgeon Simulator is Opening a New Practice on PS4 1


[NOTE: All screenshots are from the PC version of the game]

It’s not often that a game being as bad as you remember is a selling point.

Surgeon Simulator, the self-proclaimed “most Monty Python game anyone ever did”, recently announced a move to the PlayStation 4. I had the chance to speak to Imra Jele, co-founder of Bossa Studios and get a few minutes with the current console build this week at E3, and happily found that the PS4’s motion controls work well about as well as an addition to this game’s purposefully awkward control setup could.


The analog sticks are the only inputs on the controller that feel natural. The right trigger and shoulder button control three and two fingers on the doctor’s only operable hand, respectively. Holding the left trigger guides the hand straight down. The DualShock 4 controller effectively mimicks your doctor’s wrist, needing to be twisted and turned in order to finesse surgical tools against rib cages or stubborn valves. The entire thing feels like trying to pick up a paper clip with those of those crane games that housed stuffed animals in arcades or pizza parlors. The team at Bossa Studios have an affectionate name for this clumsy gameplay style, they call it “Clumsimulator”.

For those new to the operating room, Surgeon Simulator demands players perform delicate surgical procedures with purposefully over-complicated controls. The clumsy ballet of blood spurts and lung pulling that result from this disconnect became extremely popular with Let’s Players and livestreamers across the internet. It’s this support from the live gameplay community that lead Bossa to begin work on a console version for the PlayStation 4.

“What I hope…is to have a whole new surge of Youtube videos and Twitch streams coming out and engage with the community like we did before,” mused Imra Jele, co-founder of Bossa Studios, during my demonstration.


The built-in sharing functionality on the plaform, the developers hope, will provide plenty of opportunities to interact with the community, and update the game to reflect their feedback. Many of Surgeon Simulator’s current achievements are based on humorous mistakes Let’s Players on PC have made in the past, so it’s not hard to imagine PS4 users having an impact on their version of Surgeon Simulator post-launch.

Surgeon Simulator will benefit from the expected rise in graphical fidelity, but will also launch with new operations rife with potential for catastrophe. PS4 users will be able to perform eye surgery and dental work for the first time.

“I know, it sounds horrible,” Imra Jele confessed, “And it IS that horrible.”

Surgeon Simulator launches on PlayStation 4 later this year, a soft release currently planned for sometime in autumn. This will be the perfect opportunity for any console-bound gamer to pick up the scalpel for the first time.  After all, what’s funny than heart surgery?

(Writer) GavinGreene.exe was installed in December of 1987, and has been gaming ever since his motor skills have allowed. In addition to his pretty words here, he writes for GamesBeat at VentureBeat, and is a Transcription Specialist with BCForward. He was previously an Associate Producer at Phoenix Online Studios. You can follow his inane babbling over on Twitter (@GavSGreene).

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