Luigi’s Got His War Face On In Mario Kart 8 2


Veteran Nintendo gamers know that underneath the bright and shiny exterior, every Mario Kart game – just like the Mario Party series – is really just a hyper-competitive death match designed to render even the most rock solid friendships unto dust.  In Mario Kart 8, out now for less than a week, it seems that Luigi knows this truth all too well and has shredded the veneer of cheer, dropping the characteristic smiles and “woo hoos” of the brothers Mario for the grim rictus of that one player in your group who gives up pretending that the game is “for fun” and goes for the jugular.

With Mario Kart 8 already a million seller, and with its highlight reel feature allowing uploads to YouTube, some sort of critical mass has been reached and the green plumber’s pitiless death stare has gained a life of its own online.  Check it out after the jump.

[image via: Gameinformer; h/t to Ant Man from the Facebook community]

And while Luigi’s flashing stone-cold daggers is getting the spot light, he’s not the only one

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2 thoughts on “Luigi’s Got His War Face On In Mario Kart 8

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    Daniel K

    When you opened with “Veteran Nintendo gamers know that underneath,” I thought you were going to continue by saying that underneath Luigi’s brotherly and benign, if bland, demeanour is a seething resentment at Mario always hogging the spotlight. It’s no surprise that he’s got that death stare. That man is just a mass of fomenting grudges never far from the surface, ready to aim that red shell at his brother’s head…