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Hello and happy Saturday everyone! It’s time for another installment of Smash Saturdays. With E3 only a couple of days away, there is a lot of speculation circulating on what we’re going to see about Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. I’ll be down in Los Angeles with some of my fellow contributors from the Gay Gamer family all next week for the show. So be on the lookout for some crazy updates from all of us! With that being said, lets jump right into this week’s screenshots.


We get a look at a brand new Wii U stage. Mushroom Kingdom U! It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Wii U stage so this is a welcomed surprise.

“Here’s a new Wii U stage, Mushroom Kingdom U! It brings to life the worlds of New Super Mario Bros. U.”


This stage is absolutely beautiful and I love the layout. When I first got the Wii U and was playing New Super Mario Bros. U, The crisp visuals of the game was something that I really enjoyed. It’s great to see this translateinto a stage in Smash. Sakurai gives us another screenshot about the stage below.


“When Kamek casts a spell, the stage transforms drastically! That said, this is not what you would call a moving stage…
…By the way, this stage will be playable in the demo version of the game for E3, a game expo that starts on June 10 in Los Angeles.”

Since this isn’t a moving stage, I imagine that it’s going to act very similarly to the Fire Emblem stage Arena Ferox. Something else that I noticed is that it’s combining elements from multiple stages from New Super Mario Bros U. I like that some creative liberties are being taken with this stage in particular. So this begs the question; are there going to be more than just the two variations of the stage and if so, how many? I’ll have the answer for you guys next week!



The screenshot for tuesday is something new but not much to take away from it.

“Some stages have been shrunk down and made into trophies, like this one of Tortimer Island for the 3DS version. I wish I could have a figurine like this in real life.”

Oh how I love all the animal crossing critters. All we get from this is that we’re going to get trophies of miniature versions of in game stages. Not much else to report here.



Another new addition to the game, the Mario Kart 8/Super Mario 3D World boomerang!

“Here’s a new item that we’ve thrown in–the boomerang. As you’d guess, it’ll fly back into your hands after you throw it, and if you keep catching it, its attack power grows with each throw! However, opponents can nab the boomerang out of the air, so it might be an easier item to use in Smash Run.”

I hadn’t thought about this until I saw it, and I love it. I assume that the boomerang will act just as it does in Mario Kart 8 plus the power buff addition you get by catching it each time. You’ll probably get 3 throws and on the 3rd throw, the boomerang goes off and disappears. Hopefully smacking a couple of your opponents along the way. I wonder if you’ll also be able to nab items when you throw this as well?



Sakurai gives us another detail shot of the Animal Crossing stage, Town and City stage and you all know how much I love detail shots.

“Brewster brings The Roost back to Smash Bros. Nothing beats watching a battle of famous fighters with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.”


Not much to report here either. It’s not surprising that the trickle of content the week before E3 is as low this. It’s still a great shot though.



Friday makes up for the boring screenshots we had earlier in the week.

“Here’s Ike, Marth and…a brand-new stage!”


Marth recognizes Ike’s newfound beefiness but more importantly the new stage surrounding them.

“We’ve added a familiar setting from the Fire Emblem series, the Coliseum. In the original game, this place is filled with both hope and despair. There is machinery in the ground that activates variable platforms.”

It makes sense that we’re seeing more new Wii U stages considering E3 is next week. I’m so ready for the onslaught of gameplay footage. This stage in it’s format right now reminds me a bit of Bridge of Eldin from Brawl. It was one of my favorite stages to play casually but was typically banned in tournaments. As of right now, this stage looks like it won’t be legal in tournament play since you can literally walk off into the KO box and chain grabbing in it’s standard form. If chain grabbing makes it’s way into this game, capable players will definitely be able to take advantage of that. I’m interested to see what the stage looks like once the variable platforms are activated and how that’ll affect the environment. This stage has a lot of potential to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action. Hopefully during E3!

That about wraps up this weeks installment of Smash Saturdays. Even though we’re a few days away from E3, we still managed to get some decent amount of new information from the screenshots. Next week is going to be incredibly exciting with all the Smash news and (fingers crossed) release date for at least the 3DS version due out this summer.

What are you looking forward to most from the new Smash news this week? For me, it’s everything! Get the conversation started in the comments and be on the lookout from all of my Smash Bros. coverage from E3 starting next week!

Born in Charlotte, NC, D.J. has always been a lover of all forms of visual entertainment. Comic books, cartoons, and most of all video games. A Nintendo Entertainment System was placed in front of him at the age of 5 and he hasn’t been the same since. He previously hosted the Joystick Jockeys, an LGBT gaming channel on Youtube. He currently publishes his own webcomic Aerial Rave at

@ohheydj on Twitter.

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