Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #176 4


Short one this week as there isn’t too much to talk about with E3 looming on the horizon. But before some E3 thoughts, there’s the recent release of Tomodachi Life and whether or not it’s worth playing… Make the jump for this week’s musings!

(Writer) I love Animal Crossing, music games (even though I can’t sing or play instruments) and adventure games. And the occasional 40+ hr JRPG when I can find the time! I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Frank.

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4 thoughts on “Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #176

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    I got Tomodachi Life, and… I’m going to say that yes, relationships are kind of a major thing in the game. There are three relatively important locations that only open up once one of your Miis has confessed his or her love to another one, and one location (I haven’t got it yet and can’t comment on it) that only opens up when two Miis get married. So Nintendo is clearly expecting players to get involved in that aspect of the game. Beyond that, most of the interesting drama starts happening when the characters start forming friendships and interacting with each other autonomously. And yes, you can give suggestions to your Miis as to who to become friends with and who to fall in love with, but they have their own say as to who they’ll get along with, based on the personality types that you give them.

    So yeah. That’s a huge suck.

    I will say that I’m still enjoying the game. Reviewers seem kind of hung up on comparing it to Animal Crossing, but I think it’s more like a Tamagotchi; it’s more about watching these characters do things on their own and occasionally giving them a dose of life maintenance. I’m personally fine with unlocking the higher relationship stuff with the straight characters on my island, but your mileage may vary. And even if I’m not allowed to date my bear-crush, I can at least snap pictures of the two of us walking on a sunset beach: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAAYUKlXPSFCxQ

    All of the relationship stuff aside, it’s a very light-weight experience. It’s fun for watching things unfold and snapping amusing screenshots, but it doesn’t have the depth of Animal Crossing or Disney Magical Kingdom, where you have interesting long-term goals to work toward. I think of it as just a box of people that do interesting things on your screen. I know this sort of style of game is your thing, but I don’t think you’ll miss all that much if the relationship stuff turns you off.

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    Oh! I should also mention that my original plan was to make my Mii a girl so that I could do the dating, but having my character constantly referred to as a “she” was so off-putting that I reset only a couple minutes in.

    It has given me a new sort of respect for trans folk though. It’s true — being misidentified sucks.

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    Chris Eades Post author


    So can you unlock the areas by getting other Miis to hook up together? And stay a monk yourself? (While of course being BFFs with your gay crush!)

    Because then it might be doable…

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    Yep! In fact, there was a wedding between two of my other islanders yesterday, and now my whole island is open.

    And a couple more things I’ve noticed as I’ve played:

    – One of the songs you can perform on stage is a love ballad duet, and the game doesn’t mind what gender the singers are.

    – Someone on Miiverse posted a picture of a male Mii who really liked what looked like a maid outfit. I don’t know if it’s a female-oriented clothing item or what, but it might be that Miis react to the clothes you give them based on their personality rather than just gender. But take that with a grain of salt; I haven’t experimented much myself.