World of Warcraft’s 10th Annual Proudmoore Pride March 2


This year marks the 10th anniversary of LGBT-friendly World of Warcraft server Proudmoore’s annual Pride March. Hosted every year by the guild Spreading Taint (Horde) and The Stonewall Family(Alliance), queer and allied players march their way through Azeroth and end with a big in-game Pride celebration. This year the route started in Dawn’s Blossom for the Alliance and Greenstone Village for the Horde, with the marches merging half way through before finally arriving as one at the Shrine of Fellowship. For the first time I took part in the march, and took some photos to commemorate the occasion.

Pictured below was the very start of the march in Dawn’s Blossom for the Alliance. As we made our way down the road people just kept pouring in from every direction. Players of all levels joined in on the celebration as we marched to meet up with the Horde. As we moved closer to the Horde parade you could feel the excitement building. There were tons of players on the sidelines cheering, clapping, and waving as we walked past. The feeling of acceptance was amazing.


Fireworks and rainbows flying we finally met up with the Horde where, surprisingly, everybody was keeping the peace. We did not have any issues with people flagging for PvP or trying to mess up the event. Instead, each faction just represented their own side with banners and balloons.


Our next stop along the Pride March was at this shrine where the Alliance and Horde came together to honor a member of the Spreading Taint guild who recently passed away in real life. The player, known as Erotes, was a student at the University Calgary who was tragically killed at a party when a fellow student stabbed and killed him and five others. The parade stopped here and several trees were planted in his memory. The planting of trees was accompanied by a moment of silence for the fallen Horde-member, where many who played alongside him had the opportunity to pay their respects.


At the end of our long journey we all gathered at the Shrine of Fellowship in the Jade Forest, where everybody put on their best outfits and danced the day away. People brought out guild banners, representing a number of different queer-friendly guilds that exist on the Proudmoore server.

Seeing the Horde and Alliance factions coming together once a year for a celebration of diversity show swhat the Proudmoore server brings to the World of Warcraft. This march showed how, even in a game world where conflict is king, we can all put our differences aside for a short time and show a strong bond as a unified queer community.


And a Pride March wouldn’t be complete without some dancing bears!


Thanks to all who came out this year at the Proudmoore Pride March, hope to see ya’ll and next year!

Any Proudmoore WoW players out there? Let us know in the comments below!

(Writer) Jesse’s video game passion is in FPS console games and MMORPG PC games. Competitive player vs player content is where he spends most of his gaming hours. He currently is studying Sociology at CSUS with an emphasis in sexuality and gender. He plans on attending graduate school in the next year.

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2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft’s 10th Annual Proudmoore Pride March

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    Rod K

    I’ve never got involved in any MMORPGs but I must say this write up makes me wonder if I’m missing something. I’m particularly impressed that no one tries to disrupt it or do anything stupid, not to mention the touching tribute to the student.

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    i’ve been meaning to attend this for years, and i was really vowing to make it this year, but something came up. i’m really bummed i missed it, because i didn’t realize it was the 10th anniversary. : (