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About Bryce Duzan

Bryce has lived in sunny San Francisco (or "sunny" San Francisco if you actually live there) for the past four and a half years. He studied Theater at San Francisco State, and spends most of his time playing games, whether they are in a video or board form. He hopes to make games and sip finely-crafted cocktails from a golden chalice for a living someday, but until then will settle for just trying to make people think...or at least laugh. Tweet at him @Spincut.

Board Game Review: BattleCON 1

The young fighter grinned, a plan in her mind. Her accursed gauntlet twitched with energy as she channeled power into it. Then, she thrust her palm forward, sending a ripple of black energy hurtling outwards. But she had acted too late. Her opponent leapt over the blast, landing neatly behind […]



D&D’s Bumpy Road to Inclusion 9

(A word of caution. Some of the links to articles contained within contain strong language.) On Tuesday, Wizards of the Coast released the free basic rules to the fifth and newest edition of the most popular RPG franchise, Dungeons & Dragons. Inside, aspiring adventurers and dungeon masters can find rules […]

Tabletopping: Monsterhearts 3

Tabletopping is a series where Bryce takes a tabletop RPG he has never played before, sits down with some friends, and tries it out. It’s about his first experience with a new game. As a result, rules will be gotten wrong, confusion will arise, and not everything will make sense. […]


7 wonders title

Board Game Review: 7 Wonders 2

Strategy games that span millennia and have you building up civilizations from nothing—like, say, Civilization—often can be multi-hour affairs. Sometimes they can last days if you want to play an epic multiplayer game. So one can imagine that board games that emulate this genre take an equally long amount of […]

Tabletopping: Fiasco 1

Fiasco is not your usual tabletop RPG. In fact, it’s difficult to describe it as an RPG at all. It’s more like a board game, RPG, and acting exercise all met and threw a really screwed up party. Or had a really screwed up kid. Bryce Duzan Bryce has lived […]



Tabletopping: Ashen Stars

So far, our group has played classic fantasy in Dungeon World, modern-day supernatural in Don’t Rest Your Head, and, er, 1920s Russian ninjas in Fate Core. So where else do we turn to now…but the stars? Science fiction RPGs definitely have a history, so it was inevitable that we played […]

Tabletopping: Fate Core 1

I sit around the table with the other players. I begin, “In this game, we can basically make up what kind of genre we want to play and what kind of world we want to play in. So, what elements do you want to be in our game?” “Ninjas,” Rick […]



Tabletopping: Dungeon World 3

“You hear a howl, followed shortly by two others. Within moments, you see them: a trio of worg, horrific canine beasts, with two goblins riding on each. The front goblins are wielding wicked swords. The ones in back brandish bows. They are charging towards you, malice in their eyes. What […]

Board Games! (And Why You Should Play Them) 5

Not too long ago—just over a year now, in fact—I got addicted to board games. It was a realm I’d heard of a bit but never really explored. However, once I started playing, I realized the significant potential that these games could have, potential that rivaled or sometimes even exceeded […]