Review: Game of Thrones Episode 1: “Iron From Ice”

Telltale Games has launched yet another in its successful series of adventure games, this time licensing the popular Game of Thrones to create a six part game that takes place after season three of the HBO series and telling the tale of House Forrester, a family from the North loyal to the Starks. But seeing as how the Starks don’t fare well in Westeros, can you keep the Forresters from meeting the same fate? Your choices will decide.

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Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary

Dear Diary,

Well, the mass exodus from Geneva continues… or should I say ATTEMPTED mass exodus. Because I’m not letting anyone else go right now. And the weather took a turn for the seasonal, which is nice. But the real big news this week is that I apparently filled up my camera’s memory card! I know, right? Who even keeps track of such things! But towards the end of the week, I tried to take a picture, and was informed that I couldn’t because my camera was full. Now, I know I have a ton of room left on the card, so it must just be the camera that fills up and can’t take any more.

So I emptied out the SD card of photos and archived them so I can take some more next week. I guess I hadn’t realized how many pictures I’d taken, but since I’m documenting my entire life here in the lovely burg of Geneva, I guess I’ve taken more than I thought! You can see my most recent shots by reading on!

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Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #200

Apologies for the length of this one, but it’s a special super-sized anniversary episode! To commemorate reaching 200 episodes of this dang thing, I invited a couple of my Smash-loving friends over to try and teach me some basics and convince me that Super Smash Bros. is as awesome as they think it is.

After a few rounds of Smash (which constitutes the bulk of this episode, sorry!), do I agree? Make the jump, watch and find out!

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Wootini’s Weekly Video Podcast #199

Well, I’ve started yet another new game for a review, but then Microsoft decided to give away 24 hours of free play of a new game I was curious about… too bad it took most of that time to download!

Also, Nintendo had so many big releases this past week that they held a triple launch event at their flagship Nintendo World Store in New York City… and I was there for the chaos! Make the jump and see!

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